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University Library

Visiting address

Postal address

Witte Singel 27
2311 BG Leiden


071 - 527 2814 (General)
071 - 527 2800 (Reception desk)
071 - 527 2857 (Special Collections)

Postbus 9501
2300 RA Leiden


Courier services

Witte Singel 27

2311 BG Leiden

Goods deliveries

Maliebaan 30
2311 CC Leiden

Access to the library

To be able to access the library, all visitors need to bring their valid and activated LU-Card. During exam periods, some access restrictions apply.

Outside of exam periods, most study places can be used freely by all library account and LU-Card holders.

Computer workplaces, individual study rooms and group rooms are available for use by Leiden University students only, and need to be booked in advance. Several computers are freely available for use by other visitors; these places are marked with a white sticker.

How busy is it at the UB?

Check our Study Spots app, for a real-time estimate on how busy each UB study area currently is.

During examination periods, students registered at educational institutions other than Leiden University, and fee card holders who do not verifiably depend on the library collections for their research, have no access to the libraries.

Study places during exam periods

During exam weeks, most study places are available to Leiden University students only, and need to be booked in advance.

In reading room 1, study places are freely available for all visitors. These study places are marked with a white sticker.

The University Library offers guided group visits and tours, introducing our collections and the rich history of the library.

There are no options for impromptu group visits such as teacher and students tours.

Copiers and printers can be found throughout the UB. Your LU-Card doubles as print and copycard. The balance can be topped up at the 'PinPoint' machine near the reception desk, or online.

  • Any books we may find that are not library property, will be kept at the information desk
  • For all other 'lost and found' items, please contact the reception desk
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