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Workshops and Events

The Centre for Digital Scholarship offers training, events and presentations for members of Leiden University on the many different aspects of digital scholarship.

We can offer you selection of online and live workshops and training sessions.

If a session you wish to participate in does not take place, we offer support via email or conference call to deal with urgent issues.

You can contact us to make arrangements that suit your needs at: cds@library.leidenuniv.nl 

Events and training: past and future

You can find  announcements of specific events and upcoming dates in the library calendar.

Here is a sample of the events we have organised in the past or which are in the pipeline:

Open sessions

  • How to write a Data Management Plan workshop: generic, hands-on workshop lasting 2.5 hours. Participants learn why a data management plan is useful and how to complete the Leiden University template; they leave the workshop having worked on their own Data Management Plan.
  • Briefing session, in collaboration with LURIS, for those writing VENI proposals. We look at what the NWO funding agency looks for in the data paragraph of their grant proposal.
  • Full-day FAIR-ification workshop: working on participants’ own data, and using tools to improve data FAIR-ness, participants in this session will look at how to make data more findable, interoperable and reusable.

Sessions organised with faculty

  • Faculty/Institute tailor-made training on data management for PhD students.
    These sessions are tailor-made for the group concerned and designed in collaboration with members of research staff.
  • Honours/Masters students stand-alone lectures.
  • Faculty of Science PhD Day 2019: one-hour workshops/discussions for up to 30 students on:
    • Let your research bloom: practical steps for FAIR data (We take a fun look at why good data management is important, and how to do it).
    • Open Science Opens Careers (What does Open Science actually mean? What is in it for you and how can you make it work?)
  • Computational analyses of text-based digital archives - part of the China Seminar 
  • Full-day workshops on Open Science and FAIR data for early-stage researchers in the Marie Curie ITN project "Mediating Islam in the Digital Age".
  • Lunch-time drop-in meetings for the Dual PhD Centre on data management and Open Access.
  • Tailored workshops on digital humanities techniques, data management and open access as part of the Library’s PhD Skills Sessions for the Institute for Area Studies (LIAS).

More information and background

We offer both open registration sessions, which consider the topics in a generic sense perhaps using examples from different disciplines, and faculty-specific sessions, which focus on the topics particularly relevant to that type of research.

Generic training and events are offered regularly and are open to all types of attendees. Faculty-requested workshops or events are organised in collaboration with faculty members and are arranged to suit the needs of a particular group. The latter can be tailored to accommodate different requirements: full-day workshops, weekly sessions, short lunch-talks, hands-on workshops, or meeting contributions, either in rooms at the faculty or in the library training rooms. Sometimes institution staff also help to deliver the information to participants.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss or organise an event or you would like to suggest a training topic or an event that you would find useful.


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