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Library organisation

Leiden University has several library locations. These libraries are part of one organisation: Leiden University Libraries (UBL).

The UBL includes the University Library, the Social and Behavioural Sciences Library, the Law Library, the Science Library, the Asian Library, the NINO Library, the Walaeus Library for medical studies (LUMC), and the Wijnhaven Library in The Hague. The Academic Historical Museum is part of UBL, and there are offices in Jakarta, Indonesia, and in Rabat, Morocco.

The history of Leiden University’s libraries goes back to 1575, when Prince William of Orange donated a copy of the Polyglot Bible to Leiden University. Nowadays, the vast scientific paper and digital collections comprise millions of books, journals and other library materials.

Furthermore, UBL provides access to special collections of international allure. Among these are medieval manuscripts, archives, old prints, maps, sketches, drawings and photographs from all over the world.

Read more about the libraries' history on Wikipedia.

Organizational Chart

The UBL organization is made up of three divisions: Collections & Research, Libraries & Education and Library Process Support. The divisions consist of several departments, each with its own department head.

Management Team

  • Kurt De Belder University Librarian/Director of University Libraries
  • Marco de Niet Division manager, Research & Education Services / Deputy Director
  • Sjors Clemens Division Manager Libraries & Education
  • Bas Vat Manager, Library Process Support Division / Deputy Director
  • Sabine den Os Controller/Facility Manager

Management Support

The Management Team is supported by:

Collections & Research

Centre for Digital Scholarship (CDS)

The CDS supports and facilitates digital scholarship within Leiden University.
- Head of department: Alenka Prinčič
- Data management contact: Femmy Admiraal
- Open Access contact: Heleen Palmen
- Copyright expert: Erna Sattler

Faculty Liaison & Services

Subject librarians provide in-depth support for research and education, develop the library collections, and offer information skills workshops.
- Head of department: Bart van der Steen
All subject librarians

Special Collections

- Head of department: Marieke van Meer

The curators manage, build and disseminate the Special Collections.

Services and Collection Information Special Collections is responsible for the services related to the use of and access to the Special Collections, both physical and through Digital Collections.
- Head of department: Saskia van Bergen

Libraries & Education

Information Specialists

The Information Specialists aim to optimize the use of scientific information, including by providing education in information skills, conducting user studies and customer-oriented quality assurance.
Head of department: Sjors Clemens

Medical Information Specialists

The Medical Information Specialists provide services from the UBL to doctors, researchers, teachers and students of the LUMC in the field of medical information skills education, literature research and collection management.- Head of department: Ilse Jansma
All medical information specialists

User Services

User Services provides the services in and development of library spaces and answers user questions.
- Head of department: Suzanne de Jong
- Head of library locations: Jaap van der Plas

Library Process Support

Digital Services

Functional application management of library systems and research support systems.
- Head of department: Hugo de Krijger

Innovation & Projects

Development of products and services in support of education and research.
- Head of department: Bas Vat

Metadata Services & Acquisitions

Processing and formal cataloguing of both physical documents and digital resources.
- Head of department: Jacob Heeren

Stacks Maintenance & Services

Storage and conservation of all of the UBL’s physical library collections.
- Head of department: Vincent van Jaarsveld

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