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Leiden University Libraries (UBL) works together with authors and publishers regularly and supports publication of books about the collections. Publications can be obtained from bookshops or publishers. You can also order publications via email (plaatsing@library.leidenuniv.nl). Please give the following information: Title of the publication, your name and your full address. You'll receive a message when your order can be collected at University Library (Witte Singel 27, 2311 BG Leiden).

A. Reeuwijk (ed.). Voyage of Discovery Exploring the Collections of the Asian Library at Leiden University. Leiden, 2017. €59,50.

A. Vrolijk, L. Mols. Western Arabia in the Leiden Collections. Traces of a Colourful Past. Leiden, 2017. €39,50.

J. Schaeps a.o. (eds.), For Study and Delight. Drawings and Prints from Leiden University. Leiden, 2016. €44,50.

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