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Scan, copy and print

Scanners, copiers and printers can be found throughout the Leiden University Libraries' locations.

Your LU-Card: both library card and printcard

Your LU-Card doubles as print and copycard. The balance to your account can be topped up either at one of the 'PinPoint' machines within the university buildings in Leiden and in The Hague, or online using Webprint.


Leiden University students and staff can use most of the university's copy machines to scan documents to their email address

The university library (UB) has a flatbed scanner on the first floor, next to the group rooms. Leiden University students and staff can save scans to their account. Guest account holders cannot store information, but there's the option to scan the items to the desktop and send them by email before logging off. 

Special Collections

Most Special Collections material can be digitised and reused for research or publication.

At the Reading Room Special Collections in the the UB, reading room material and material for which permission was granted by our staff, may be scanned to a pen drive / usb. Please bring your own device.

Credit issues

If you should lose any credit due to a printer malfunction, please fill out the university's facilities department support form. There is also a form allowing you to ask for a refund for a balance of over € 3 that you will not be using anymore.

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