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International Resource Sharing

Leiden University Libraries participates in international interlibrary loan services (ILL) and document delivery.

International ILL requests via e-mail

    Fee in Euro Fee IFLA
Book loan Per item € 20,= 2 Vouchers
Articles 1-10 pages € 20,= 2 Vouchers
  Each additional 1-5 pp. € 5,= extra Equivalent


International requests via NCC

    Fee in Euro Fee IFLA
Book loan Per item € 13,= 1,5 Voucher
Articles 1-10 pages € 13,= 1,5 Voucher
  Each additional page € 1,30 extra Equivalent


Articles can be sent either in PDF format via e-mail, or as a paper version via regular mail.

Contact us

For all international resource sharing inquiries and requests, libraries may contact us via e-mail

Upon requesting, libraries within EU member states are required to provide Leiden University Libraries with their VAT identification number. Libraries outside of the Euro Area will have an additional sum of € 15,= added to their bill, to cover bank charges. This does not apply for payment by IFLA Voucher.

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