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Can't find it at UBL

In case a publication is not available at Leiden University Libraries, there are several possibilities to obtain it from another library.

Availability in other Dutch libraries can be checked in PiCarta. Leiden University students and staff may obtain a library card free of charge at any of the Dutch university libraries; at the Royal Library (KB) students receive a 50% discount.

For a fee, UBL also offer inter-library loan services (ILL), for which an ILL account is needed.

PiCarta search

Leiden University students and staff can consult PiCarta through their University account. An ILL account is needed only when placing ILL requests.

Alumni and guests may consult PiCarta without an ILL account from within the Leiden University network; in order to consult PiCarta elsewhere it is necessary to have an ILL account made.

The help function within PiCarta offers extensive information on search strategies.

Creating an ILL account

Anyone who has a valid library card can have an ILL account made at the desk of the University Library, the Social Sciences Library, or the Law Library. Requests are paid for in advance from the deposit made into your account.

The library where your account was made will be your ILL home library; this is where you collect and return books, report a change of address, inquire after your password, and make deposits into your ILL account.

Requesting materials

The logon name for PiCarta is the 'personal number' of your LU-Card - including the lower case 's', 'm', or 'g' - and your ILL account password. 

For using the ILL services just once you may find request forms to fill in at the Information Desk of the University Library.

Delivery times can range from a week to ten days. If a request can not be met, the paid fee will automatically be refunded. Books can be picked up and returned at the library location where you opened your ILL account. The UBL circulation policy applies.

Making deposits into your account

Deposits made into your ILL account at the library desk will be directly at your disposal.

Patrons holding an ILL account at the University Library (UB) may also transfer the appropriate sum to bank account number (IBAN) NL98RABO0103258477, in the name of Universiteit Leiden, cs Bibliotheek, Leiden. Please mention the 'Pers. nr.' on your LU-Card, including the letter 's', 'g', or 'm' and the information 'additional payment ILL account'. Processing the payment may take several days.

Viewing or changing your account information

In PiCarta under 'my account' you will find your active and closed requests, the state of your deposit, and the address information registered under your account. You can change your email address directly in PiCarta; a change in your postal address needs to be registered at the desk of your UBL location.

International loans

If a publication is not held by any of the Dutch libraries participating in PiCarta, it can be requested for you via international ILL. Please contact the information desk of your UBL location. Requests for publications that can be purchased online for a reasonable price will not be processed.

International ILL loans may be checked out, unless the lending library stipulates otherwise. Delivery times for international ILL may vary.


ILL within the Netherlands

  • Books: € 6,50
  • Articles: 1-10 copies € 6,50; every extra page = + € 0,65

International ILL

  • Books: € 26,00
  • Articles: 1-10 copies € 13,00; every extra page = + € 1,30

ILL at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Students and staff at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences can apply for an ILL request using a webform. Please contact the Gorlaeus Library for more information.