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An inspiring study environment

The quiet atmosphere in the libraries ensures a pleasant and inspiring study environment.


Due to the international coronavirus situation, Leiden University Libraries has had to adjust its services. 


Please find an up-to-date overview of our current range of services on our webpage on library services during the coronavirus situation


Library users are trusted to show consideration towards fellow students and library staff alike, and to respect each other’s needs, space and property.

Leiden University Libraries main house regulations

  1. Food and beverages may not be taken into the libraries, except for resealable bottles of water
  2. Smoking is not permitted in the libraries or outside near external doorways. This includes the use of electronic cigarettes
  3. Please observe silence in the designated quiet zones, such as the reading rooms. Outside of these zones, users may confer in an unobtrusive voice
  4. The use of mobile phones for phone or video calls is permitted in hallways and corridors away from the study areas. Phones should always be set to vibration mode. When receiving a call in one of the study areas, please leave the area before answering
  5. Leiden University Libraries cannot be held responsible for the security of library patrons’ personal belongings. Please never leave any valuable possessions unattended
  6. Library property requires careful handling. Patrons may be held liable for any damage caused by improper handling of library materials
  7. Library study places may not be reserved for yourself or for others. Library computers will be logged out automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity, and will subsequently become available for another user. When leaving the computer for a short break, please remove all personal devices such as pendrives or headphones
  8. No animals other than assistance dogs are allowed into the libraries
  9. In case of an evacuation, please leave the building immediately at the nearest (emergency) exit. Follow instructions given by library staff and emergency services personnel, and head for the designated assembly area
  10. To have access to the University Library (UB) on Witte Singel and to the Law Library, users need a valid library card (LU-Card). Library cards may be issued to visitors of 16 years of age or older. Library staff is authorized to ask for your LU-Card at all times
  11. In case free study places in the University Library (UB) and the Law Library are few, Leiden University students and staff may be given priority over seats. Certain areas within the library buildings may be restricted to specific user groups only
  12. Use of both the library card (LU-Card) and your user’s account data is non-transferable and may be used only by the person to whom they have been issued
  13. Users are obliged to follow directions given by library staff

Asian Library

Use of the Asian Library facilities is limited to students and researchers using the Asian Studies collections.

Special Collections Reading Room

The Special Collections Reading Room in the University Library has an additional number of regulations.

Circulation policy

Leiden University Libraries borrowing regulatons are outlined in the circulation policy.

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