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Study areas

The libraries offer over 2300 study places. Some are freely available, some need to be booked in advance.

Library study places

Outside of exam periods, most regular library seats can be freely used by visitors owning a valid library card (LU-Card). 'Booking only' study places, such as computers and group study rooms, can be used by Leiden University students only. These places need to be reserved online using the reservation system website or one of the apps (App Store or Google Play).

Study places marked with a dark blue sticker
Study places marked with a light blue sticker
  • Outside of exam periods: freely available to all library visitors
  • During exam periods: only available to Leiden University students, after online reservation
Study places marked with a white sticker
  • Freely available, no booking options

Please check the booking system 'help'-feature for an overview of the most frequently asked questions.

In case the logon page shows the message 'Account already exists', please choose 'Add to existing account'. Next, follow the confirmation link in the email that will be sent to your university email address. Do make sure to open the email link in the same browser you were using to sign in. There may be a slight delay; just wait for some minutes and try again. If the logon issue persists, please contact SharedDesk.

Check out the apps at the App Store or Google Play.

Most computers are available for use by Leiden University students only. They must be booked in advance year-round.

All library locations will offer several computers for use by other visitors. These places are marked with a white sticker. They cannot be reserved.

The UB on Witte Singel offers sixteen individual study rooms, for use by Leiden University students. The rooms must be booked in advance.

Check our application Study Spots for a real-time estimate on how busy each UB study area currently is.

Study places during exam periods

During exam weeks, study places are available to Leiden University students only. Seats, including those marked with a light blue sticker, must be booked in advance.

All library locations will have some study places available for visitors to whom the UBL library access restrictions do not apply. In the University Library this applies to reading room 1. These study places are marked with a white sticker; they cannot be reserved.

Exam weeks 2023-2024
  • 9 - 29 October 2023
  • 4 December 2023 - 21 January 2024
  • 11 - 31 March 2024
  • 13 May - 30 June 2024

Booking a study place

  • Go to Leiden University's online study place booking system - or download the app from the App Store or Google Play - and log on, using your Leiden University student account
  • Choose a location, date, time and duration (max. 5 hours)
  • Select an available seat
  • Confirm your booking

Study place seat numbers can be found on each desk.

Using your booked study place

You can use your reserved study space only after having checked in. Make sure to check in on time: your reservation will be cancelled if you have not checked in within 30 minutes after your booked time slot started.

  • At the University Library and Law Library, you will automatically be checked in upon scanning your LU-Card at the entrance turnstiles
  • At other library locations, please scan the QR-code on the check-in posts near the ‘SharedDesk for Students Check-in’ banners

For more specific info, please visit the dedicated Leiden University study spaces webpage.

Several areas within the libraries, specifically the reading rooms, are marked as silent zones. Outside of these zones you may confer in a subdued voice.

Leiden University offers two wireless networks: Eduroam (preferred, for students and staff at Eduroam-affiliated institutions) and Leiden University Wireless Access.

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