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Research Software Management

The composition and maintenance of Research Software is an increasingly important task in the development of research projects.

Research software is a broad term that includes source code files, algorithms, scripts, computational workflows and programs that were created during the research process or for a research purpose.

Research software management at the CDS

The CDS offers support and training on research software management and to facilitate exchange of knowledge and expertise, we set up the Research Software Community Leiden.

Academia in Motion

Research software is one of the four focus areas of the Open Science network within the Academia in Motion Programme at Leiden University: by creating and maintaining FAIR software, we can make our academic findings reproducible and reusabe.

Our ambitions within Academia in Motion are:

  1. Creating an infrastructure to archive, share and publish research software.
  2. Making Leiden University research software visible through a research catalogue.
  3. Developing and implementing a central software policy.
  4. Advocating for, and supporting, openness in research software.
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