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Open Access

The Centre for Digital Scholarship is dedicated to support Open Access publishing by means of policy, training, support, and services available to all researchers of Leiden University.

Open Access provides free online availability of research output without restrictions. Open Access  increases the visibility of a publication enormously.

Leiden University's Open Access Policy

The Executive Board asks researchers to make their Leiden affiliated publications Open Access by means of an upload into Scholarly Publications. When the publications have already been issued in Open Access by the publisher, you can easily make a straightforward upload. If they are not (yet) Open Access, you can read on our webpage 'Publish Open Access in Scholarly Publications' how you can best proceed.

You can find more information on the page 'Leiden University Open Access Policy'.

Flowchart How to publish Open Access at Leiden University

Flowchart How to publish Open Access at Leiden University

In this flowchart you will find a step by step explanation on how you can publish your article Open Access. The consortium of university libaries (UKB) provides a useful overview 'how to get to the PDF' to find the articles.

Agreements with publishers

Leiden University has numerous deals with publishers that will offer our corresponding authors Open Access without additional costs and guarantee high quality.

Browse the Journal Browser for the possibilities to publish Open Access listed per journal. If you only wish to see the journals that will allow you to publish without having to pay, you should use the filter in the menu on the left hand side of the Journal Browser.


Many researchers use Creative Commons licenses to share their publications in open access. In this video, Leiden Professor of Intellectual Property Law Dirk Visser explains copyright in relation to Open Access and the various licenses that authors can apply for their users.

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Scholarly Publications

You can upload your publication via LUCRIS easily into Scholarly Publications and make your research publicly available without any costs. We explain how to proceed on the page 'LUCRIS and Scholarly Publications'.

Open Access coaching

The Open Access team at the Centre for Digital Scholarship offers advice, presentations en workshops; we are happy to answer your questions on Open Access via: openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl

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