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Publish Open Access in Scholarly Publications

Scholarly Publications is a sustainable archive for Leiden University’s publications, which researchers themselves can make Open Access by means of an upload via LUCRIS.

Meet policy requirements with Open Access publications in Scholarly Publications

By means of an upload in Scholarly Publications researchers will increase the visibility of their work, and at the same time comply with Open Access policies set by both external funders (such as ERC and NWO) and the University.

How can I deposit my publication?
You can do this in Scholarly Publications. You can upload your publication upon registration in LUCRIS.  Researchers at LUMC use Converis for registration.
When can I deposit my publication?
Immediately upon publication. If necessary, you can set an embargo period in LUCRIS or Converis. When the embargo expires, the publication will automatically become Open Access available.
Which version of the publication can I use?
Which version you can use as an upload, varies per publication: in the section below you can read more about the possibilities and conditions. 
  1. The publication is already Open Access.
    Many academic articles are already Open Access on the publisher’s website and if this is the case, you may upload the publisher’s version into Scholarly Publications without an embargo. You can recognize these publications by the presence of a creative commons license (such as CC-BY or CC-BY-NC-ND); many publishers will also mark these publications with a dedicated ‘Open Access’ label.
    Even if a publication had been issued in full Open Access, we still recommend you upload the publisher’s PDF into Scholarly Publications. By doing so, you will increase the visibility of your research as well as the value of Scholarly Publications. Additionally, you will ensure sustainable access to the publication in the long term. Finally, some research funders also request an upload into a Trusted Repository, Scholarly Publications.
  2. The Publication is not yet Open Access. 
    If you receive external funding, then please make sure that above all you comply with your funder’s requirements.

    Leiden University has an Open Access policy. The policy is based on Article 25fa of the Copyright Act (‘Taverne Amendment’). This article allows researchers, who have an employment agreement with Leiden University, to share their short academic and professional publications regardless of any guidelines set by publishers.
    If your funder does not impose stricter requirements and if you meet the following conditions:
    1. You have an employment agreement with Leiden University and
    2. The publication was fully or partly financed with public money and
    3. The audience of the publication is academic or professional and
    4. The publication type is: ‘Annotation’, ‘Article in journal’, ‘Book chapter’, ‘Book review’ or ‘Conference paper’
    Then you can upload the publisher’s version with an embargo of six months after the first online publication; in LUCRIS, make sure you select the license 25fa Aw (see picture below).
  3. The Publication is not yet Open Access and the conditions of Article 25fa of the Copyright Act do not apply (see above, point 2).
    You can still make use of Scholarly Publications to make your publication Open Access.
    The conditions set in the agreement with your publisher apply to your work. When it comes to articles in journals, the publisher’s policy is often explicitly stated, but this is not the case with other publication types.
    We recommend that you contact your publisher to make an agreement on deposits in institutional repositories before you publish, in which you state that you intend to make an author’s version (without the lay-out and type setting of the publisher) or the publisher’s version Open Access available after a specified embargo period.
    If you have no record of prior agreements, you will have to contact your publisher and check which version you may use for Scholarly Publications, and whether an embargo period applies.

    The Copyright Information Office staff at the University Library will be happy to advice you on how you can best protect your copyright.

Occasionally, journals will permit the upload of an author's version or even a publisher's version without embargo. Alternatively, you may not wish to make use of Article 25fa of the Copyright Act as mentioned above. In both situations we recommend that you consult the Sherpa Romeo  website to check your options or that you contact us via openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl

License 25fa Aw is selected in LUCRIS.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Open Access Team at openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl or your Faculty LUCRIS support staff.

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