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Agreements with publishers

Leiden researchers are entitled to take part in deals regarding Open Access that have been arranged with a substantial number of publishers.

Journal Browser: your guide to Open Access

The Journal Browser shows all possibilities per individual journal to publish Open Access, including those for which an agreement on Open Access with discounts up to 100% applies.

You can use the filter on the left hand side, if you only wish to see journals for you do not have to pay an APC.

The Journal Browser is regularly updated, but also the result of work in progress. No rights may be derived from information on the website.

How to enroll?

To ensure participation:

  • Use your Leiden affliation and email address
  • When asked, make sure you indicate that you DO want to publish Open Access
  • When in doubt about workflow, charges or anything else, ask for help at openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl

'Notify me service' to manage the end of year cap on Open Access deals

Some of the agreements with academic publishers have set a yearly maximum number of free open access articles. 

You can stay informed about the status of your publishing deal by signing up for a ‘notify-me service’

Overview of publishers with an Open Access (discount) agreement

American Chemical Society
Information on the agreement with ACS at www.openaccess.nl

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Information on the agreement with ACM at www.openaccess.nl 

You can find the information on this agreement in our short summary on how to take part or on the Benjamins website.

Information on the agreement with Brill at www.openaccess.nl

Cambridge University Press
Information on the agreement with Cambridge University Press at www.openaccess.nl

The Company of Biologists
Information on the agreement with The Company of Biologists at www.openaccess.nl

De Gruyter
Information on the agreement with De Gruyter at www.openaccess.nl

Information on the agreement with Elsevier at www.openaccess.nl

Information on the agreement with Emerald op openaccess.nl

IOP Publishing
Information on the agreement with IOP Publishing at www.openaccess.nl

IOS Press
Information on the agreement with IOS Press at www.openaccess.nl

Information on the agreement with Karger at www.openaccess.nl
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins LWW

Information on the agreement with LWW at www.openaccess.nl

Open Library of the Humanities
Thanks to financial contributions such as made by Leiden University, OLH offers a unique opportunity to Leiden humanities researchers to publish Open Access.  Please see the OLH website for the journals enlisted.

Oxford University Press
Information on the agreement with Oxford University Press at www.openaccess.nl

Royal Society of Chemistry
This agreement expired on 31st December 2020 and it has not been renewed!

Information on the agreement with Sage at www.openaccess.nl

Information on the agreement with Springer at www.openaccess.nl

Taylor & Francis
Information on the agreement with Taylor&Francis at www.openaccess.nl

Information on the agreement with Thieme at www.openaccess.nl

Information on the agreement with Wiley at www.openaccess.nl

For any further questions, please contact us at openaccess@library.leidenuniv.nl

Knowledge Unlatched

UBL supports Knowledge Unlatched. Via this non-profit organisation libraries can share the costs for the open access publishing of monographs. The model does not require authors or their institutions to finance the publication.  As soon as the required number of consortium libraries show their interest, the monograph will be made open access.

By means of this cooperative participation, libraries create a sustainable model for open access books.
Participating publishers are among others: Brill, Cambridge University Press, University of Michigan Press and in particular Language Science Press.


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