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Course reserves

A (digital) course reserve shelf offers teachers the possibility to create a literature list with digital, as well as physical materials which, if possible, can be set aside for a designated period. Digital materials can be linked to the catalogue which makes them more accessible for students. All items available through our catalogue can be put on a reading list.

1. Selecting books, chapters, and articles

  • Log in to the catalogue using your ULCN-account.
  • Search for a specific item, then select by pressing the pin: When selecting articles or chapters from printed journals and books, only select the title of the journal or book.
  • After selecting all course materials go to My Favorites on the top right of the page.
  • Select all required titles for the course reserve by checking the (numbered) boxes and click on the three dots (‘push to actions’).
  • Choose Export RIS > Download > Save As. Please ignore the option for changing the encoding.
  • Name the file and make sure the extension is .ris.

The procedure for requesting digital course reserves is equal to the procedure for physical course reserves. It may take several weeks for loans to be returned. If a publication is not available, please fill out a purchase request or contact your subject librarian to discuss alternative solutions. Making new purchases available may take up to several months. Therefore, please request the course reserve shelves on time.

We recommend using digital materials as much as possible due to limited available shelf space. For smaller groups of students, you can choose not to block titles, but make them available for borrowing.

DVD’s can be added to a course reserve as well. However, they will not be placed on the shelf. DVD’s can be picked up at the library desk. Students can watch it on a computer/ terminal in the library, but cannot take it home, as materials on a course shelf have to stay in the library. As there are only a few possibilities for students to consult these materials, we advise teachers to present the materials during a lecture (online or offline) or to book the Cinema Room Vos, where DVD’s can be watched as a group.

2. Uploading your selection

  • Log in on Course Reserve Portal using your ULCN account.
  • Press New Request.
  • Fill in all the required fields and import your RIS-file.
  • Literature not available in the UBL can be requested for purchase through the field Books to be purchased. Please note: it can take up to a few months to process a new printed addition to the collection and place the item on reserve. E-books are usually made available within a few days.

Ready? Press Submit request. You will be able to review and confirm your reservation on the next page.

Requests are processed in the order received. You will receive two confirmation emails of your request. There you can find the code of your course reserve shelf and a link to your  literature list. This page is made active on the indicated starting date and will be removed on the indicated end date. The link to the list can be placed in the digital learning environment or be send to your students.

Physical materials which are located in our libraries will be placed on the shelve within a week next to the correct code (for instance: ULCRS182) along with your name and the name of the course, which will help students find the right course shelf quickly. It may take up to three weeks for loans to be returned. Newly purchased titles will be placed as soon as they are catalogued. The indicated location in the catalogue will be changed to “[library location] Course Reserves”, along with the subject name, so it becomes clear from the catalogue where materials can be found.

If you would like to add titles to the Course Reserve Shelf or have any other comments afterwards,  log in to the Course Reserve Portal and go to the relevant course reserve shelf. You can add additional literature to your shelf by submitting a RIS-file with the titles you would like to add. If you need to correct a mistake in your course information or reading list, please use the “Corrections and remarks” field.

Please keep in mind it is not allowed to place print copies of, for example, book chapters or journal articles on the course reserve shelves, only the relevant books and journals themselves. Teachers may refer to the book chapters or journal articles. Students can choose to consult the material on the spot or make (digital) copies (for private use).

Course reserve shelves are available for the following library locations:

All items available through our catalogue (journal articles, journal issues, books, book chapters, newspaper articles, video's, reference entries, databases, etc.) can be put on an online reading list. However, there are a few exceptions for physical materials:

  • Audiovisual materials: these are kept in custody at the lending desk and can be collected by students for viewing in one of our media rooms 
  • Materials from the Special Collections
  • Materials from the NINO library, Africa Study Center and Walaeus Library: these have not yet been made available for placement on course reserve shelves, so they are kept at their library locations and can be consulted there
  • University Library and Asian Library: by mail, or at the library desk during opening hours
  • Law Library: by mail, or at the library desk during opening hours
  • Wijnhaven Library: by mail, or at the library desk during opening hours
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences Library: by mail, or at the library desk during opening hours
  • Science Library: by mail, or at the library desk during opening hours
  • Walaeus Library: by mail, or at the library desk during opening hours
  • Online course reserves: by mail, or at the University Library desk during opening hours

For questions you may also contact your subject librarian.

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