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Materials from the Special Collections can be consulted in the Reading Room Special Collections or online.


  • Catalogue - Search the Catalogue via the tab Special Collections
  • Digital Collections - Find digitized originals and information about specific collections

When visiting the Special Collections Reading Room, you'll need a LU-card.

Request and consult

The Special Collections contain mostly precious and fragile material. Therefore no material may be removed from the Reading Room. Only pencils and computers may be used for taking notes.

General guidelines:

  • Manuscripts: one or two manuscripts at the same time. Keep loose documents in their original order and handle one at a time.
  • Printed books: up to 8 items at a time. Please use the cushions and supports provided.
  • Maps can be consulted two at a time. It will take more time to fetch maps out of the stacks. You should therefore take a slight delay into account.
  • Drawings, prints and photographs: we can hand over one box at a time.

The staff at the desk in the Special Collections Reading Room will give you instructions and answer your questions.


The Reading Room provides 40 study places with a network connection. Employees and students of the UL can use the data network of the UL. The Eduroam network is available for visitors of other educational institutions.

The Reading Room is also equipped with two PCs for catalogue consultation. In addition, an analog microfiche / film reader, two digital microfiche / film readers and are present.

Also within the Reading Room you'll find the book scanner, that is available for scanning books printed in the period 1850-1950. Please ask permission at the service desk and bring your own USB stick.

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