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Prints, Drawings and Portraits

The collection Prints, Drawings and Portraits comprises over 100,000 prints, 12,000 drawings and 30,000 portraits.

Traditionally, prints and drawings are often collected together.  There exist many parallels between both media. The collections in Leiden range from 1500 until the present day. They are the result of a number of large donations to the university, next to purchases of larger and smaller collections.

The prints represent all the major European schools while the drawings are mostly Dutch by origin. Current acquisitions reflect contemporary drawing and printmaking in the Netherlands. Part of the collections of prints and drawings are large numbers of portraits.


The prints and drawings can be accessed through the Catalogue. While the drawings have been digitised almost completely, this is not yet the case with the prints, including portrait prints. Digitisation is an ongoing process and more images will be added in the years to come. Via Digital Collections or through the online catalogue snapshots, collections guides and online exhibitions of prints and drawings can be accessed. For more information see our Subject Guides.

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