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Thesis assistance

Do you need help with writing your thesis or do you have a question about using the library? Take a look at the sources below.

Subject librarians

Did you know that you can make an appointment to meet with your subject librarian and get help doing your research? Subject librarians can help you:

  • find information on a topic;
  • develop effective search strategies;
  • select and search library catalogs and databases;
  • evaluate information sources.

Ask a librarian

Do you need help finding information or do you have a question about using the library?

  • Ask your question online for a quick answer
  • Call us: +31 71 527 2814 (during office hours)
  • Whats App: +31 6 23108801 (during office hours)

Take a look at these books in the Huygens Information Centre (UB): 

Need help developing your study skills, planning your studies or dealing with study stress? Contact the Student Support Services for various workshops and courses or see what your study offers in terms of thesis support.

At the physical and/or online ePOPCorner you can attend free workshops to improve your study skills.

If you have more serious study-related or psychological problems, please contact your study advisor or the student psychologist of the university, or visit the university's website.

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