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Security Studies

Overview of databases, reference works and websites for research in Security Studies

Security and Safety; War and Peacebuilding; Terrorism and Counter Terrorism; Crisis and Emergency Management; Cybersecurity; Law and Security; Research Methods

The collections of the libraries of the University Leiden contain many relevant books and journals – both printed and online -in the field of Security Studies.

Reading list materials, handbooks and reference works are usually placed in the Wijnhaven Library for general use in the Library and are not for loan. This reference collection is arranged by the Library of Congress Classification (LCC).

Books from other collections such as the collections of the Law Library, the Social Sciences Library and the University Library can – if loanable – be requested via the Catalogue.  When making a request it is possible to choose the library location – including the Wijnhaven Library - where the books should be delivered.

Find our databases on Security Studies in the catalogue.

To the catalogue

Catalogue: the full text of many e-journal articles is available through the Catalogue.  

Frequently used databases for searching articles:

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts is a bibliographical database that allows for searching articles in international journals in political science, international relations and public administration. It provides abstracts, citations and references for many articles.

Web of Science (WoS)is a bibliographical database, that consists of three different citation databases, including the Social Sciences Citation Index (1956 to present). Web of Science contains abstracts of journal articles and books, references and citations.

Frequently used digital reference works:

The International Encyclopedia of Political Science is a comprehensive reference resource for political science and public administration. It covers every field of politics including entries on political theory and methodology, political sociology, comparative politics, public policy and international relations.

Oxford Handbooks Online: many handbooks in the field of political science, law, business and management, economics and finance are full text available on the platform of Oxford Handbooks Online. These handbooks can be searched simultaneously as well as individually.

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