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Named Fund

Anyone wishing to make a substantial contribution to Leiden University Libraries can have the donation earmarked for a specific purpose. You can set up this fund to support a specific collection or research area. These so-called Named Funds are therefore always customized. It is also possible to donate to an existing fund.

Considering setting up your own Named Fund or contributing to an existing fund?

View all existing funds or contact LUF

Some examples of existing Named Funds

Robert van Gulik Fund
The Robert van Gulik Fund is intended to stimulate research into the life and work of sinologist, writer and diplomat Robert van Gulik.
The Lingling Wiyadharma Fund
The Lingling Wiyadharma Fund for Indonesian Studies
Rombouts Fund
The Rombouts Fund for Chinese Special Collections
Bodel Nijenhuis Fund
The Bodel Nijenhuis Fund to further the cartographic collections of UBL
Camino Laurent van Vught Fund
The Camino Laurent van Vugt Fund helps to finance scientific research.
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