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Subject guide

Molecular Science & Technology

Overview of databases, reference works and websites for research in Molecular Science & Technology

The library for chemistry and pharmacology is situated on the first floor of the Gorlaeus building. The physical collection can be found in the CHEFAR section.

The MST program is a collaboration between Leiden University and Delft TU. Within the program Delft TU focuses on chemical engineering and Leiden University attends to education in basic research in chemical biology and energy and sustainability. This distinction is also reflected in the library collections of the two universities.

The major databases for searching articles within the field of Molecular Science are Web of Science (general), PubMed (medical), SciFinder (biochemical, chemical, agriculture, (bio-)medical) and Google Scholar.

SciFinder also retrieves data as reference spectra for identification, melting points, biological activity, biological targets, LD 50, etc.. When using the database it is required to create an account.

In addition, on the campus of Reaxys (not to be found in the catalogue). Reaxys is largely similar to SciFinder: SciFinder is a little more extended in terms of literature and patents, but Reaxys has better information on natural products. For a  literature search it is recommended to use both databases.

Both SciFinder as Reaxys perform searches in a slightly different way compared to other scientific search engines. Both databases support searches formulated in natural language, reaction, structure, name or properties. Please contact the subject librarian if you'd like to know more.

The publication of data as part of an article or as a standalone publication is becoming increasingly common in chemistry. The following sites are some of the most important places for data publications: