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Subject guide

Literary Studies

The collection Literary Studies is for the most part located in the University Library: in the closed stacks, the open stacks, and in the reading rooms. To locate individual titles, please refer to the catalogue. Here you will also find titles belonging to the Institute for the Languages and Cultures of China and the Library of Social Sciences. In addition, relevant publications are found in the catalogues of the African Studies Centre.

Reference collection

The reference collection (around 1200 titles) is found in the reading room Literary Studies on the first floor.

  • General: Terminological and biographical dictionaries;
  • Literary Theory: methodology and textanalysis, schools in theory (a.o. structuralism, narratology, psychoanalysis, semiotics, feminist literary criticism, deconstruction);
  • Comparative Literature: literary histories sorted by language, period and region, genretheory, literary themes, rhetorics.

The reading room also offers:

  • Study material (mainly dictionaries). These are found on the tables in the reading room.
  • Items temporarily placed on lecture shelves for consultation for the purpose of a lecture or tutorial.


Current volumes of around 70 journals in the field of Literary Studies are found in a separate journal cabinet.
Back volumes can be found in the open stacks. A few journals are kept in the closed stacks.

World literature

Comparative Literary Studies

  • REELC/ENCLS (Réseau Européen d'Etudes Littéraires Comparées / European Network for Comparative Literary Studies)

Literary terms


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