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Reading list: Our favourites for the summer

The collections of Leiden University Libraries (UBL) not only hold academic material, but also many novels, collections of poetry, non-fiction works and even cookbooks. Is your summer reading list still unfinished, take a look at the list below and borrow your book through the UBL catalogue.

Have you ever searched the UBL catalogue for a book to read for fun? It's definitely worth it. UBL has a large collection of English language literature that you can borrow through our catalogue. Many other collections also hold lots of interesting and fun fiction, non-fiction, biographies, poetry and even cookbooks. In the list below, you can find our favourites for the summer, but there is much more to explore. Search the catalogue for your favourite author, title or topic and request your book. Have fun reading this summer.

The Mirror & the Light – Hillary Mantel (4th Estate 2020)

Last part of Mantel’s famous trilogy on the life of Thomas Cromwell.

The unsettling of Europe: how migration reshaped a continent – Peter Gatrell (Basic Books 2019)

The history of migration to and from Europe after the second World War, told by Peter Gatrell, professor of Population Displacement in the Modern World at Manchester University.

Origins: how Earth’s history shaped human history – Lewis Dartnell (Basic Books 2019)

Dartnell, professor of Science Communication at the University of Westminster, investigates how human beings have been formed by their natural environment.

White Privilege – Shannon Sullivan (Polity Press 2019)

Philosopher Shannon Sullivan challenges her readers to investigate what they think they know about white privilege.

Virusphere: from common colds to Ebola epidemics – Frank Ryan (Prometheus Books 2019)

Overview of what viruses are, what they do and the role they played in human history.

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