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Announcement of Scaliger Institute research fellowship winners

With support of several companies, including Brill Publishers and private foundations, Leiden University Libraries and the Scaliger Institute welcome around 15 to 20 Fellows and guest per year to consult and examine material in the Special Collections. The Scaliger Institute received a large number of applications this year from domestic and international scholars.

And the winners are:

Brill Fellowship

Lukas Reddeman MA (Universität Münster, Germany) 

Descriptions of states in book collections and libraries in the 17th c. and beyond.

Ingrid Simons (Independent researcher and artist, The Netherlands) 

Contrasting shapes, now and before. Painters Lithography Project.

dr. Stefano Andrea Esengrini (Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Italy) 

The Gospel according to Rembrandt. A Phenomenological Investigation.

Jekaterina Merkuljeva MA (The Tadeusz Manteuffel Institute of History, Polish Academy of Science, Poland) 

Natives of Poland who translated biblical texts into Turkish.

dr. Francesco Quatrini (University of Belfast, Northern Ireland) 

Scipione Gentili (1563-1613) and the Republic of Letters.

dr. Rita Schlusemann (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

Multimodality of printed Dutch narratives (c. 1450-c. 1850).

Van de Sande fellowship

dr. Trude Dijkstra (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 

Steven Blankaart and the representation of Chinese medicine in Dutch printwork.

Drewes Fellowship

dr. Els Bogaerts (LIAS, Leiden University, The Netherlands) 

Words of Power and Wisdom. Credible authorities and reliable sources in the Serat Nutik Sultan Agung.

Arminius Fellowship

dr. Anna Maria Laskowska (Polish Academy of Science, Poland)

Tractatus de Spirutu Sancto by Johannes Crell.

Isaac Alfred Ailion Fellowship

Prof. Jennifer Lynn Welsh (Lindenwood University-Belleville USA)

European Views of Japan from the 16th through the 19th-Centuries.

dr. Nikolaos Mavropoulos (European University, Max Weber Fellow, Dept. of History and Civilization, Italy)

The Japanese expansionism in Asia and the Italian expansion in Africa.

Juynboll Fellowhsip

Prof. Jyoti Gulati Balachandran (Penn State University USA)

From Gujarat to Hejaz: the Formation of scholarly communities in the 16th-c Indian Ocean.

Swets fellowship

Ahmed Aydoun (Independent researcher, Morocco) 

La Pensee musicale d’Al Farabi.

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