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Oppression and Freedom - An Eye-opening New Special Collections thematic programme

In its thematic programme ‘Oppression and Freedom’, Leiden University Libraries (UBL) explores views on identity, relations and the interaction between individuals and groups in the past. The programme features several exhibitions, workshops and lectures on the subject of oppression and freedom. In addition, there will be blogs, videos and podcasts concerning items in Special Collections

Special Collections
UBL manages special collections of national and international importance. Preserving this cultural heritage is a top priority, as is ensuring its availability to students and researchers. By organizing thematic programmes such as Oppression and Freedom – and previously the thematic programme entitled Materiality of Text and Image – it introduces the general public to the items from Special Collections, encouraging new ways to use the collection.

A wide range of activities is offered throughout the exhibition period, inviting visitors to explore our collections. The exhibition The Intolerant Republic is on show in the entrance hall of the University Library from 23 January to 12 April. The programme also includes a public afternoon event on the Intolerant Republic, featuring lectures by a number of Leiden historians such as Judith Pollmann, Michiel van Groesen and Alicia Schrikker. The next exhibition, Choices in Wartime, will run from 30 April to 12 September. This exhibition will be accompanied by a series of lectures by several authors, including Arnon Grunberg, in collaboration with Leiden University’s Studium Generale platform.

A great number of workshops will be offered on such subjects as Egypt and the West, maps and Asia. Supervised by a curator, the participants in these workshops are given hands-on experience of items in UBL’s special collections. These workshops are generally organized in the evenings to allow maximum opportunity for participation. All activities will be announced through the UBL’s website, social media and regional media.

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