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Winners of Fellowship for Digital Scholarship sponsored by Elsevier

Leiden University Libraries (UBL) and the Scaliger Institute are glad to welcome the first two Fellows for Digital Scholarship in fall 2019. The Fellowship for Digital Scholarship was established in 2019 with generous support from Elsevier.

And the winners are:

  • Paolo Rossini, PhD. (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa). His research is titled Mapping Descartes: Modelling digital networks of his life and works. 
  • James Plumtree, PhD. (Assistant Professor at the American University of Central Asia, Kyrgyz Republic). He will be doing research on the stylometric analysis of Mid-Nineteenth Century Kyrgyz Oral Poetry.

Fellowships for Digital Scholarship

The winners of the Fellowship for Digital Scholarship do their research using Leiden University Libraries' digital collections and work in close co-operation with specialists at the Centre for Digital Scholarship (CDS).

The Fellowship for Digital Scholarship provides international scholars with the unique opportunity to do research on Leiden University Libraries' digital collections whilst using new technologies supported by CDS. During their stay, fellows will be invited to share their research outcomes through public lectures and publications. By co-operating in this way with researchers, UBL and its Centre for Digital Scholarship can gain new insights into use-cases for digital collections and the requirements that these sources have to meet in order to be used for research.

The UBL thanks Elsevier for its generous financial support, which allows research fellows to be supported for the duration of their stay in Leiden, which lasts up to two months.

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