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Minerva’s Metamorphoses An exhibition celebrating 444 Years of Leiden University

The exhibition Minerva’s Metamorphoses organized by Leiden University Libraries (UBL) celebrates the University’s fascinating history. The 444th anniversary of Leiden University will be highlighted by contemporary photographs and historical documents from UBL’s collections. The exhibition is on view in the University Library from 25 January through 12 May 2019.

Past and present

In this exhibition the Roman goddess Minerva symbolizes the University’s many metamorphoses throughout its history. The exhibition connects the current image of Leiden University with its rich past. The visitor is taken on a journey that starts with the University’s foundation by Prince William of Orange in 1575 and ends with the development of the Campus at The Hague and the construction of the new Gorlaeus building in Leiden Bio Science park. In addition to featuring Minerva as Leiden University’s logo, the exhibition will also spotlight generations of professors and students, the academic enterprise and the University’s accommodation.

Exhibition at City Hall

Leiden and the University are closely related, from the time of the University’s foundation in 1575 to the present. This special connection is the focus of the exhibition ‘444 Years of City & University’ at Leiden’s City Hall. Photographs illustrate the many aspects of the relationship between Town and Gown: students, professors, buildings, academic activity and celebrities who studied at Leiden. This exhibition on Leiden University in the heart of the city can be seen in the front hall of City Hall, Stadhuisplein, Leiden, from 25 January through 12 May 2019.

Open afternoon

An open afternoon (Dutch) will be organized in the University Library on Wednesday 20 February to mark the 444th anniversary of Leiden University. Four speakers will explore topics relating to the university’s past and present. Afterwards the public is warmly invited to visit the exhibition Minerva’s Metamorphoses in the University Library.

Minerva’s Metamorphoses|
25 January through 12 May 2019
Exhibiton space of Leiden University Library
27, Witte Singel

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