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Record number of applications for fellowships at Scaliger Institute

This year the Scaliger Institute received a record number of applications from domestic and foreign submitters for a fellowship to consult and research material in the Special Collections of the University Libraries. With the financial support of a number of companies and private foundations, the UBL and the Scaliger Institute welcome around 15-20 Fellows and guest researchers per year.

In 2017, focusing on the Leiden Asia Year, a number of new fellowships have been awarded: the Isaac Alfred Ailion Fellowship for the Study of Japanese Language and Culture and the Drewes fellowship, which focuses on Islam and Indonesia in a religious sense, on Islamic mysticism and more specifically Islamic mysticism as described in the so-called Suluks.

The following applications have been approved:

Drewes Fellowship

Drewes Fellow Dr. Zacky Khairul Umam (Freie Universitat Berlin, Germany): Re-examining Sufi Hereties: the Works of Shams al-Din al samat,ra’i (d. 1630) and the Jawi Questions to Kurani.

Juynboll Fellowship

Juynboll Fellow Pegah Shabaz (ANR Perso-Indica Project, Sorbonne-Nouvelle University, France): The Manuscript of Tuti-nama of Ziya Nahsabi preserved in Leiden University Library.

Juynboll Fellow Dr. Adam Collins Bursi (University of Tennessee, USA): Deciphering Dots and Sashes: Arabic Scripts and Scribes of the First Islamic Centuries.

Isaac Alfred Ailion Fellowship

Isaac Alfred Ailion Fellow Dr. Aiko Okamoto-MacPhail (Indiana University, USA): Visions of Japan in the later Tokugawa Period exemplified by Julius Klaproth.

Isaac Alfred Ailion Fellow Radu Leca: The Life and Activity of R.J. de St. Aulaire (1827-1864).

Brill Fellowship

Brill Fellow Dr. Eric MacPhail (Indiana University, USA): The Sophists.

Brill Fellow Prof. Belle Stoddard Tuten (Juniata College, Huntingdon, USA): Treatment of the Breast in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Brill Fellow Elizabeth Ann Cecil (IIAS): An ‘Arm of the Earth’, an ‘Eagle Banner’, and a ‘Spear of Dharna’: Inscribed Columns and Civic Religion in Early modern Medieval India.

Brill Fellows Dr. Piet van Boxel (Oriental Institute Oxford, England) & Prof. dr. Joanna Weinberg (University of Oxford, Engeland): Constantijn L'Empereur and Rabbinic Literature: A Study of the Unpublished Papers in the Bibliotheca Thysiana.

Brill Fellow Dr. Yves van Damme (Universiteit Gent, Belgium): Baanbrekende brieven. De wetenschappelijke correspondentie tussen C.G.N. de Vooys en Willem De Vreese.

Van de Sande Fellowship

Van de Sande Fellow Prof. Fellow Timothy Dale Walker (University of Massachusetts, USA): A Survey of Early Modern Northern European Library Medical Texts to Assess Reciprocal Knowledge Exchanges with the Lusophone World.

Van de Sande Fellow Jin Hee (Genie) Yoo MA (Princeton University, USA): Wars and Wonders: the Information Networks of Casper G.C. Reinwardt (1773-1854).

Van de Sande Fellow Dr. Floriana Giallombardo (Independent scholar): Paolo Boccone’s Travel in the Low Countries (1673-1674): a Scientific Exchange between Southern and Northern Europe.


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