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Network Workshop

KF-ENKRS Network Workshop 2023: Connect, Collect and Catalogue

Thursday 11 May 2023 - Saturday 13 May 2023
Witte Singel 27
2311BG Leiden

From Thursday 11th to Saturday the 13th of May, the University Library in Leiden will host the third European Network of Korean Resource Specialists (ENKRS) conference. During this event, librarians who manage Korean collections, booksellers, database providers and representatives from all over the world come to Leiden to meet and exchange knowledge.

You won’t be able to miss it; the entire top floor in the South Hall of the University Library will be dedicated to Korea during the conference. Leiden University Libraries (UBL) welcomes a large group of librarians, catalogors and other Korean collection-related experts. Many of them are the sole experts on Korean collections in their city or country of origin, with all the challenges that entails. By networking, tackling common problems and jointly making plans for future cooperation, they hope to better serve the community of Korean students and research specialists  in Europe. The conference consists of both presentations and and workshops, with instructions provided by Korean studies specialists Yunah Sung (Michigan University) and Hyoungbae Lee (Princeton University).

Throughout the conference, visitors will find well-known Korean booksellers such as Panmun, Kong & Park and Eulyoo on the landing of the second floor of the University Library – the latter has been Leiden's regular supplier for more than thirty years. Database providers are also present, including KISS and NK Pro; both suppliers of Leiden University.

Korea Foundation

The conference was made possible by generous support from the Korea Foundation. This non-profit organization is committed to promoting Korea and the Korean language and culture in the international community, for example, by strengthening networks that pursue these goals such as the ENKRS. The Korea Foundation was at the forefront of the ENKRS initiative, with particular thanks to former KF Berlin officer Suyon Lee. Together with Sunghee Han she will be present as a representative of the Korea Foundation.

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