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Work in progress on footbridge between UB and Cluster Zuid

30 August 2023

A footbridge will be built between the University Library and the Cluster Zuid building starting 7 September 2023. These construction works could cause some noise nuisance.

The footbridge will be realised on floor 1 and will provide a fast and dry connection between the two buildings. The preparatory work has already started. Scaffolding is currently being built between the two buildings and dust partitions are being placed on floor 1 in the adjacent study rooms 1 and 2 in the University Library. Subsequently, the windows of the adjacent parts of the reading rooms will be replaced in November. The work on the footbridge and the replacement of the windows will unfortunately entail some noise nuisance. The passage from the University Library will only be finished at the end of the renovation of Cluster South. Until then, the footbridge will remain inaccessible.

Unfortunately, the work on the walkway will partly take place during the exam period, from 9 to 29 October. Students can use the S-UB on floor -1 in the University Library as an alternative study place.

Visualisation of passage between UB and Cluster Zuid
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