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Call for proposals: (digital) resources for the library

11 February 2023

Every year, the Faculty of Humanities reserves a library budget of 100,000 euros for the purchase of (preferably digital) resources that are of great importance for education and/or research of the faculty. We invite all faculty staff to submit proposals for spending this budget by Monday 1 May at the latest.

Previous acquired resources from this budget include African American Periodicals (1825-1995) (Readex), Cambridge Archive Editions Online (Eastview), Screen Studies: platform for film (Bloomsbury) and John Benjamins journal archives.

Application process

  1. Contact your subject librarian and draw up a proposal together with him/her;
  2. Acquire the approval of the directorate of your institute for this proposal;
  3. Send the proposal to Marcel Belderbos of the faculty office (m.c.belderbos@hum.leidenuniv.nl)

All proposals will be tabled in the semi-annual Library Committee meeting, this being a meeting of the Library Directorate, the Dean and the Institute Directors.


The resource:

  • preferably has a digital format;
  • is of great importance for teaching and/or research at the Faculty of Humanities;
  • cannot be funded from the regular budgets allocated to individual fields (=it is very expensive);
  • preferably useful beyond the boundaries of single institutes;
  • is preferably a one-time buy without annual license-extension fees.

Your subject librarian can help you draw up the full proposal. Please include the following:

  • Title and URL;
  • Applicant's name;
  • Subject Librarian;
  • One-off expenses;
  • Possible structural expenses, and the budget used to cover these;
  • Possible contribution from a research budget.


  • Description;
  • Comparison to other already available resources;
  • Uniqueness among Dutch universities;
  • Quality assurance of the resource;
  • Type of information (full text, bibliography, datafiles, reference, archives).


Is the resource:

  • of importance to a new study programme?
  • of importance for a new research project or grant proposal? 
  • of relevance for the Faculty's profile?
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