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Book a group study room

The libraries offer several group study rooms, for use by Leiden University students and researchers.

University Library (UB)

Leiden University students may book one of the 8 group study rooms in the UB. All rooms are equipped with a smartboard. Most rooms can be booked by groups of 3-6 students; 2 rooms are larger and can seat up to 8 people. 

To book a group room please contact the UB reception desk.

Media room
On the ground floor, the UB offers a media room equipped with a PC and Blu-rayplayer. The 4 individual seats are available on a first come, first served basis. The use of headphones is mandatory.

Leiden University students and staff may book a group unit for 2-4 people at the UB information desk. The media room is not a private room; it is shared with other students.

Asian Library

Cinema room 'Vos'
Cinema room ‘Vos’ in the Asian Library is a 15-seat theater room, equipped with an 84" screen for watching Asian satellite television channels and DVDs. A USB port is available for accompanying presentations.

The cinema room is freely accessible to Leiden University students and researchers wishing to consult audiovisual material from, or about, Asia. To make sure you can use the room, please book in advance at the UB reception desk. The room may be booked for use up to 3 hours. At the start of the booked time frame, please pick up your proof of reservation at the reception desk.

Group study room 'Kern'
The Asian Library group room 'Kern' may be booked by groups of 3-6 Leiden University students relying on the libraries' Asian collections. To book this room please contact the UB reception desk

Wijnhaven Library

The Wijnhaven library group rooms are equipped with a 55” touchscreen with built-in PC and laptop connection. Rooms may be booked by groups of 3 to 6 Leiden University students, who may be accompanied by a lecturer. Please book in advance at the Wijnhaven building reception desk.


Upon booking a room, please state:

  • which room you would like to book
  • the desired date and time
  • your name, student number, phone number
  • the number of participants

You will be notified as to the availability of the room. Upon collecting the key (if applicable) from the reception desk, the student who made the booking will be requested to leave a personal document such as an OV-chipcard or Leiden University registration card. Each participant must be present and will be asked to show their LU-Card. A booking will be cancelled in case a group is more than half an hour late.

In the group study rooms, Leiden University Libraries' house regulations apply.

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