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Streaming video

Leiden University Libraries is responsible for maintaining the systems that offer video services for Leiden University. These include web lectures, the Leiden University video portal and the integration of Kaltura into Blackboard.

Each faculty has a video coordinator appointed. The video coordinator is responsible for answering questions from faculty about video services. They also provide video management tasks, such as the recording and editing of web lectures or knowledge clips, uploading images in video portals and the publication of links to web lectures for inclusion in Blackboard. Students can contact the helpdesk of the ISSC for help.

Some faculties provide faculty specific information on web lectures:

Faculty of Humanities (in Dutch only)
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Law (in Dutch only, only accessible for employees of the Faculty of Law)

Faculty of Law (in Dutch only)

Need help?

Failures, questions and requests can be reported to the ISSC helpdesk ( 8888 or helpdesk@issc.leidenuniv.nl). ISSC registeres the request and, if possible, tries to resolve the problem immediately. Once resolved, the help desk will notify the by mail or phone.

Functioneel Beheer Video is initially not involved in troubleshooting and performing requests. Check the Announcements at the homepage of the UBL for possible maintenance work or disruptions.


A web lecture is an online video of (part of) a lecture, reading or workshop. The video shows the lecturer with accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Web lectures are not intended as a substitute for attending lectures and no guarantees are given about the availability of the recordings. Recorded weblectures are only distributed through Blackboard.

All weblectures are protected. Only people with a valid ULCN login have access to the web lectures.

Employees can visit the staff portal for more information on web lectures.

Sharing videos (by Kaltura)

Besides services on weblectures the University Leiden offers a video-sharing service supported by Kaltura Video Platform. Kaltura gives faculty, staff and students the ability to upload and share video through:

Guide Leiden University Videoportal (for students and faculty) (in Dutch only)

Guides on using Kaltura in Blackboard

*The Kaltura Guide for video coordinators is available on the SharePoint site of Functioneel Beheer Video.

**Kaltura sends notifications to the uMailadress of the user. The ULCN pagina on uMail contains a guide on how to forward your email to another mail box.

Terms and conditions Video-sharing / Kaltura

Videos uploaded through the video portal, are only accessible by the user. Videos can be shared with other ULCN accounts. When a video needs to be visible for the entire university or for the public in general, a request can be made to the faculty video coordinator. Please read the terms and conditions for use of Kaltura through Blackboard or the University Leiden Video Portal carefully:

  • Students and staff of Leiden University are allowed to upload videos on Kaltura, provided they own the copyright to the video (i.e. when a video is made by a person themself) or are authorized by the copyright owner.

  • It is allowed to show licensed audiovisual works through Kaltura during lectures or workshops, provided the material is protected against outside broadcast (set My Media video to "Private").

  • It is not allowed to upload medical video recordings on Kaltura without written permission of the filmed patients. In the event the persons concerned are minors, the consent of the parents or carers required.

  • If you believe that a copyrighted video is placed without permission on Kaltura, please send an email to beheer@library.leidenuniv.nl or fill in a request on Kaltura Video Platform (click on the flag on the bottom of the video player) .

  • Leiden University accepts no liability for damage arising from or connected in any way to the use of videos on Kaltura.

Playing videos

A recent browser is required  for playing videos and web lectures. Web lectures or videos on Kaltura automatically start playing when the link to the video is clicked. For best results it is recommended to use the Internet browser IE11 , Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 

View a list of viewing requirements for playing web lectures. Should you still have problems with playing videos, please contact the ISSC Helpdesk on 8888 or email helpdesk@issc.leidenuniv.nl during office hours.