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Request a (online) course reserve

Create an online reading list and put materials on a reserve shelf for a designated period

The Course Reserves service of the UBL allows faculty: 

  1. to place physical materials on reserve for a designated period and/or
  2. to create an online reading list containing both physical and/or online materials, providing students with easy access.
  3. to avoid fines, borne by the institute, for infringement of copyright

Course reserve shelves

Course reserve shelves are available for the following library locations:

  • University Library: first floor, entrance 4
  • Asian Library (UB): second floor, entrance 8
  • Law Library
  • Wijnhaven Library, The Hague: the bookcase closest to the window

Faculty may request items from the libraries' collections ( journal articles, journal issues, books, book chapters, newspaper articles, video's, reference entries, databases, etc.), or suggest purchases.

Please keep in mind it is not allowed to place copies of, for example, book chapters or journal articles on the course reserve shelves. It is also not allowed to inform students they can make a copy of the materials placed on the shelf. Teachers may, however, refer to the shelf. Students can then decide whether they should read this material on the spot or whether they would rather make a copy (for private use).

Reserve requests are processed in the order received. Instructors are encouraged to submit lists not later as five weeks prior to the beginning of the semester to guarantee availability.


How to submit

Requests are made in two easy steps: first by selecting items in the Catalogue, followed by uploading your selection to Course Reserve Request Service.

1. Selecting books, chapters, and articles

  • Log in at the Catalogue using your ULCN-account.
  • Search for a specific item, then select by pressing the pin.
  • When selecting articles or chapters from printed journals and books, only select the title of the journal or book.
  • After selecting all course materials go to My Favorites on the top right of the page.
  • Select all required titles by checking the related boxes and press "Push to" actions.  

  • Export RIS > Download > Save As. Please ignore the option for changing the encoding.
  • Name the file and make sure the extension is .ris.

2. Uploading your selection

  • Log in on Course Reserve Request Service using your ULCN account.
  • Press Add New.
  • Fill in all the required fields and import the RIS-file. Now all selected titles will show.
  • Books not available in the UBL can be requested for purchase through the field Books to be purchased. Please note: it can take up to two months to process a new printed addition to the collection and place the item on reserve. E-books are usually made available within a few days.

Ready? Press Request Course Reserve Shelf. You’ll receive a confirmation mail.

If you would like to add titles to the Course Reserve Shelf or have any other comments afterwards, log in to the Course Reserve Request Service. Go to the relevant course reserve shelf and add your additions at Addition or Correction on the bottom of the page.

When the course reserves shelf is ready, the library will send another e-mail containing the link to your online reading list. This page is made active on the indicated begin date and will be removed on the indicated end date. The link can be placed in the digital learning environment or be send to your students.


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