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Linking to Library Resources

Assistance creating links to journal articles and books.

The UBL subscribes to many databases that allow linking to full text articles. Instead of using the URL from your browser’s address bar, which may quickly expire, we recommend to create a permanent link. This link will provide a stable and permanent URL to a specific journal article, which can be used in Blackboard, online courses, reading lists or bibliographies.

Linking to articles

The UBL Link Generator helps create permalinks which can added to Blackboard, online courses, reading lists, or bibliographies.

Find the desired article or journal page and look for a permanent link which may be provided by the publisher. Look for words such as, “persistent URL”, “stable URL”,” infomark”, “permalink”, "document URL", "durable link", "linking options for this record", or "DOI".

If you are able to locate a DOI, you will need to create a proxied link by putting together the EZProxy Prefix (to get access from outside the university premises), the Link Resolver (to unpack the DOI) and the DOI or permalink.

EZProxy Prefix: https://login.ezproxy.leidenuniv.nl:2443/login?URL=
Link Resolver: http://dx.doi.org

For example: RNA-mediated non-mendelian inheritance of an epigenetic change in the mouse / Minoo Rassoulzadegan et al.  Nature 441, pages 469-474, February 2006, doi:10.1038/nature04674

The URL becomes: https://login.ezproxy.leidenuniv.nl:2443/login?URL=http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/nature04674

When using a permalink you will only have to add the EZProxy Prefix to the Permalink.

For example: Pigeon homing: observations, experiments and confusions / C. Walcott Journal of Experimental Biology 1996 199: 21-27, permalink: http://jeb.biologists.org/content/199/1/21

The URL becomes: https://login.ezproxy.leidenuniv.nl:2443/login?URL=http://jeb.biologists.org/content/199/1/21 

Linking to the Catalogue

To find the correct URL for linking, find the resource in the online catalogue and copy the Permalink. There's no need to add an EZProxy Prefix and Link Resolver.

From the Leiden Repository
In most Open Access repositories, such as the Leiden Repository, articles are attributed a handle, starting with http://hdl.handle.net/. This handle always leads directly to the publication. For example, the link to "Supplementing the legal bases: the meaning of Section 8:69 of the GALA in the light of article 48 (old) Rv", by R.W.J. Crommelin, is: http://hdl.handle.net/1887/11859.

From images or collection descriptions in Digital Special Collections
Click on Linking to this object.

There's no need to add an EZProxy Prefix and Link Resolver.

No DOI or permalink

For articles with no DOI or permanent link, there is no way of creating a link. However, it is possible to make a permalink to the journal title in question in the catalogue. Also, it is not possible to create links to chapters or articles from books. Alternatives are:

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