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Library services during the coronavirus situation

Due to the coronavirus situation in The Netherlands, Leiden University Libraries has had to adjust its library services.

Starting 15 October, the use of a face mask is compulsory for library visitors and staff.

This page will be updated regularly. Any significant changes in library services will be announced on our homepage and via Twitter and Facebook.

Welcome to Leiden University Libraries! Check out our 'Get Started' webpages, to find out how to request your LU-Card online and where to have it activated, how to borrow library materials and use our databases, and how to book a study place at one of our library locations.

Get started!

Due to the current coronavirus legislation, the UBL can offer limited visiting possibilities only; all tailor-made for specific services and user groups. Please check the various chapters on this page.

Location Library materials pick-up and return Time-slots to book a study place



Library desk: Mon - Sun 9:00-22:00

Mon - Sun 9:00-23:00

Mon - Sun 9:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00 and 19:00-23:00

Social and
Behavioural Sciences


Library desk: Mon - Fri 9:00-18:00

Mon - Fri 9:00-21:00

Mon - Fri 9:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00 and 19:00-21:00

Wijnhaven Library


Library desk: Mon - Fri 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00

During opening hours of the Wijnhaven building

Mon - Sun 9:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00 and 19:00-23:00

Law Library ---

Mon - Fri 9:00-13:00, 14:00-18:00 and 19:00-23:00


Sat - Sun 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00

Science Library --- Mon - Fri 9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00
Van Steenis During opening hours of the Van Steenis building ---
NINO Library --- Please check current NINO Library access for NINO fellows and ONOS and CAC students and PhD's on the NINO website

Library study places are available for bookings by Leiden University students. Leiden University PhD candidates can book a seat in reading room 1 of the University Library (UB). All seats need to be booked in advance, online. Other patrons cannot reserve or use study places.

During exam periods, extra study places will be made available at several university locations.

Non-silent short use seats

Students who have a study place reservation, but would like to follow an online course or otherwise conduct an online conversation during their reserved time-slot, can use one of the seats in the University Library's north hall (near the print & copy unit), or one of the designated seats in several of the university cafés.

At the University Library

At the UB, apart from regular study places, students can book individual study rooms and group study room seats. Please note that to be able to use the group rooms together, participants will need to book seats individually.

In the Asian Library, cinema room 'Vos' is available for reservation under certain conditions.

NINO Library

Starting 28 September, NINO fellows and Leiden University ONOS and CAC students and PhD's can book study places at the NINO Library. Please read more on the NINO website.

Online library services and remote access options for Leiden University students and Leiden University and KITLV staff, are currently being offered as usual.

Read e-books from home, or have a look at our vast e-journals collection. Browse our subject guides for your field of interest or treat yourself to some film and music. Learn all about open access publishing on the Centre for Digital Scholarship webpage.

At several UBL locations, library patrons may visit to pick up and return library books.

Loanable materials from the UBL library locations can be requested using the catalogue. Choose one of the currently available pick-up locations from the drop-down menu. Please await the availability email, so as to be sure the items are ready for pick-up.

Books can be picked up from the book lockers, without an appointment. Please note that, starting 15 October, the use of a face mask is compulsory for library visitors.

Library location Hours to pick up and return books
University Library

Mon - Sun 9:00-23:00

Social and Behavioural Sciences Library

Mon - Fri 9:00-21:00

Van Steenis  During opening hours of the Van Steenis building
Wijnhaven Library During opening hours of the Wijnhaven building

Due date and overdue policy

After several courtesy renewals, the regular UBL renewal and overdue policy applies once again.

uMail: please check your mailforward settings!

All overdue notices to Leiden University students, and to alumni graduated after August 2006, are sent to the Leiden University uMail-address.

Due to the April 2020 uMail update, older mailforwarding settings to personal mailboxes are no longer active. Please refer to the university's helpdesk portal for more info and a manual explaining the new uMail forwarding options.


Borrowed books may be returned at any of the abovementioned library pick-up locations.

Please note that we quarantine all returned items for several days, before registering them off your account. In case of any questions regarding this procedure, please contact us by replying to overdue notices you may receive, or via Ask a librarian.

Books may also be sent by mail, provided they are securely packaged and carry sufficient postage: 

University Library
User Services
P.O. Box 9501
2300 RA Leiden
The Netherlands

After a temporary stop on interlibrary book loans, most university libraries and the National Library (KB) have resumed ILL services. The UBL offers ILL services through WorldCat. Please note that, for loans as well as for article deliveries, we do depend on other libraries' current ILL options.

For the time being, we offer a choice of two pick-up locations:

Please contact us in case you should have any questions.

A selection of books shelved in the University Library (UB) reading room and the Asian Library, and non-circulating items shelved at the Law, Wijnhaven and NINO libraries, can be made available and checked out to library patrons upon email request. Items will be determined suitable for loan on a case-by-case basis.

Send us an email at uitleen@library.leidenuniv.nl, stating your student number or username, plus author, title, volume and call number of the item needed, or copy the link from the catalogue using the share link option. You will be notified as to the loan options and availability of the item. UB and Law Library items may be picked up from one of the lockers in the UB, Wijnhaven materials from the lockers at Wijnhaven Library.

Please note that entering the library or the reading rooms to fetch or consult these books is not allowed. Leiden University students may reserve a study place, and use books from the shelves during their booked visit.

We kindly ask teachers to use digital materials whenever possible, and limit the use of physical materials to a maximum of ten books.

Using the UB and Wijnhaven Library course reserve books

Students wishing to consult course reserve books for a short while only, can book a 'course reserve seat' for an hour. For the UB, please contact the UB reception desk at +31715272800, for Wijnhaven Library please send us an email.

For the time being, all University Library (UB) and Asian Library course shelves have been moved to the Information centre Huygens on the UB ground floor.

E-books for course shelves

Check our catalogue to find out whether the publication you are looking for is available in digital form. If not, please fill out a purchase request form, or contact your subject librarian to discuss alternative solutions.

Recently, our staff has checked all books currently placed on course reserve shelves, for digital availability. If possible, an order for online access has been placed.

Course shelve books loan

Please let us know if can make course reserve items available for loan, by sending an email to uitleen@library.leidenuniv.nl. We recommend you only do this for small groups of students, who will often connect with each other when resources are limited, and share books. The student registered in our system as borrower will be responsible for the book loan at all times.

Scans and readers

In some cases, it is permitted to publish scans of copyrighted book chapters on BrightSpace. A number of publishers have allowed articles or book chapters to be included in printed or digital readers for educational purposes, in which case there is no need to count words or images. Please check publishers' policies using the Usage regulations licensed e-resources module.

When a publisher isn't indicated on the list, the UFB Reader Online service can scan book chapters and make them available to students. Please consider copyright regulations when using this option. Deviating from regular procedure, the library will provide the book and the UFB provides the scanning services. For more information, please contact the UFB Reader Online Services at readers@ufb.leidenuniv.nl

Students can purchase scanned items through the Reader Online webshop, in digital or printed form. Any costs due to copyright will be added to the purchase fee. Leiden University’s Central Crisis Team has decided these costs will fall on students as they did before.

More information

General information about copyright issues when teaching online can be found on our Digital Scholarship webpage.

If you should have any questions regarding course reserves, please contact us by email: uitleen@library.leidenuniv.nl.

Researchers can contact the Centre for Digital Scholarship (CDS) for questions, advice and training regarding data management, Open Access, copyright, and use of digital data. Please contact the CDS via email: cds@library.leidenuniv.nl.

The Reading Room Special Collections currently provides thirteen workplaces for researchers wishing to use materials from the library's special collections. Seats need to be booked in advance.

Starting 15 October, the use of a face mask is compulsory inside the library buildings. You may remove your face mask only when seated at your workplace.

Applying for a visit

To apply for a workplace, please send an e-mail to specialcollections@library.leidenuniv.nl. Let us know on which day and during which time slot(s) you would like to visit, and which items you would like to view. From Monday to Friday, the time slots to choose from are:

  • 9:00 to 11:00
  • 11.30 to 13.30
  • 14:00 to 17:00

Your request must be sent in no later than 12:00 on the workday prior to your intended visit. We will inform you as to the availability of a seat during your preferred time slot. Approval of applications is handled in order of receipt.

Visiting Special Collections

When your application has been approved, you are welcome to visit during the agreed upon time.

Please report to the UB reception desk to have your registration checked, after which you will be admitted to the library. We ask you to thoroughly wash your hands before entering the library, and follow the indicated route. 

Once in the reading room, please report to the desk. Staff will show you your workplace, and provide you with the requested items. Walking routes are indicated on the floor, so that passing one another is kept to a minimum. After your visit, please return all documents or objects at the desk, and leave the room by the indicated route, accompanied by a staff member.

Workplaces at the Reading Room Special Collections are cleaned thoroughly between visits. Consulted items are kept in quarantine for two days after use.

Courses and lectures

Leiden University teachers may request to use original items from the Special Collections relevant to their courses, in the lecture rooms of the University Library.

Digital Collections

Please find our rich and varied Digital Collections online.

Leiden University students can make an appointment to print documents or transfer their P-disk files at the University Library (UB) and at the Wijnhaven Library in The Hague. 

Please contact the library to book a max. 20 minute time slot, during which you will have sole use of the printer and/or computer assigned to you. 


Using Webprint, you can prepare and upload your print requests before your visit to the library. If this option does not work for you, you will be assigned a library computer for the duration of your booked time frame.

P-disk files

You can send your P-disk files by email, or transfer them to Office 365. In case you choose to use Office, make sure to have access to Office services before your appointment at the library. Please find all necessary Office 365 information and manuals at Leiden University's Helpdesk Portal. Library staff can not offer assistance in this matter.


UB reception desk
+31 71 5272800


Mon - Sun 9:00-23:00

Wijnhaven Library Wijnhaven@library.leidenuniv.nl

For any library-related queries you might have, please contact us using Ask a librarian.

On weekdays from 9:00-17:00 we can also be reached by whatsapp, chat, and phone.

Forgotten your password?

In case you have forgotten your library account password, please request a new password online.

Subject librarians and curators

Subject librarians and curators can be reached using their regular university email address.

All notices regarding loans, requests, and overdue fines from the library to Leiden University students, and to alumni graduated after August 2006, are sent to the Leiden University uMail-address.

uMailbox transfer issues

In September and October 2020, Leiden University will be transferring all uMailboxes to a new online environment. Please check the university's news item on uMail migration issues.

uMail forwarding settings

Students' uMail forwarding settings created before April 2020 are no longer active. Please refer to the university's news item for more info and a manual regarding the new uMail forwarding options.

Please find information regarding services currently offered by the Walaeus Library on their webpage.

Study places in the Walaeus Library can be booked by LUMC students.

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