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Searching scholarly information

How to start your search for literature? Which strategies are useful when searching for information? These online tutorials will help you on your way by explaining the basic concepts and improving your information research skills through exercises.

Leiden online tutorials
Practice your skills with our online tutorials. You can choose an English tutorial on chocolate (general) or Refugees (International studies)).

How do I start a literature search? 
This tutorial demonstrates how to search systematically for literature using a five-step-by-step plan. It explains how to select search terms and information resources relevant to your topic. It will take about 10 minutes to complete the tutorial.
©VU University Amsterdam

Searching scholarly information, the basics  
Using "chocolate" as our example, we sketch in broad outlines how you can find literature on your topic using general and subject specific sources. Among others we will cover Google Scholar, E-Books, subject specific databases, newspapers and the special collections.
©Leiden University

Choosing keywords
Searching for information is all about language. Learn how to find keywords, combine them and choose the right strategy.
©Wichita State University

Research 101 
In six units, Research 101 discusses many aspects of the process of searching for scholarly information, ranging from selecting a topic to evaluating your research strategy. Demo’s, examples and exercises will help you improve your information research skills. Every unit ends with a review quiz.
©University of Washington Libraries

Defining a topic
Before starting to search for information it is important to know exactly what you are going to search for. Learn how to formulate your research questions in this tutorial.
©Wichita State University




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