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Evaluating information

If you have found a publication or an internet site, how can you judge whether or not it is trustworthy? Here you will find some useful leads to help you judge information.

Scholarly or popular?
Learning Objective A very short tutorial to find out if you are dealing with a scholarly article or not.
Intended Audience Everyone looking for scientific articles.
Duration One minute!
By University of Michigan


Evaluating information and critical thinking
Learning Objective Learn how to think critically about your information sources, and evaluate information that you find to ensure that it is reliable, accurate, of good quality, and relevant to your assignment.
Intended Audience Students
Duration 10 minutes
By University of Sheffield Library


Evaluating Information
Learning Objective The theme ‘red wine' is used for judging various resources. NB does not work in Internet Explorer.
Intended audience Students
Duration 10 minutes
By Ithaca College


Finding the good stuff
Learning Objective You will learn to identify high-quality and relevant information you can use in your academic work.
Intended Audience Students
Duration 20 minutes
By University of Manchester


Popular vs Scholarly Sources
Learning Objective Analyze articles to learn the differences between popular and scholarly sources.
Intended Audience Students
Duration 5 minutes
By University of Arizona


Evaluating Information
Learning Objective You will learn standard evaluation criteria to help you quickly and accurately evaluate information.
Intended Audience Students
Duration 10 minutes
By University of Vermont Libraries


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