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How do I read a reference? How to cite right? What about plagiarism: what is right, what is wrong? And for the die hards: how to make a bibliography with Endnote.

You quote it you note it 
Choose your favorite character, and follow him or her during this 10 minutes interactive tutorial. You’ll find out the difference between paraphrasing and quoting, and how to do both properly, when to cite, what to cite, and how to cite.
©Acadia University 

In the online course RefCite you can find extensive information about quoting directly, paraphrasing, summarizing , and citing sources.
©Tilburg University

Understanding and avoiding plagiarism
©Cornell University

How do I make sense of a reference? 
In this 10 minute module, you will learn to tell the difference between a reference to a books and a reference to an article in a journals. 
©VU University Amsterdam

Citing, do’s & don’ts and plagiarism 
Official regulations at Leiden University.
©Leiden University

Plagiarism tutorial
©Leeds University

Understanding plagiarism
©Eastern Michigan University

Working with Endnote 
EndNote is a software programme which can be used to manage your references and to insert them in papers and theses. The software has been installed on all pc’s within Leiden University. 
EndNote’s supplier, Thomson Reuters, offers a large number of tutorials to familiarize yourself with the programme.
©Thomson Reuters

Mendeley is a program which allows you to save and annotate files, such as PDF files of articles, reports etc., as well as Word files. Citations to articles can be processed in Word. You can also collaborate in groups in Mendeley, privately or publicly, and share documents.
©Mendeley Ltd.



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