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Course reserves now available for education

Teachers that have requested course reserves for students now have four ways to offer these materials to students at home.

1. Loan

Let us know we can make books lendable again via uitleen@library.leidenuniv.nl. We recommend you only do this for small groups of students. We have noticed that students will connect with each other when resources are limited, and will share books amongst one another. The student registered in our system as the original borrower will remain responsible for the book for the loan period.

2. E-books

Search our catalogue to check whether the title in question is now available as an e-book. The last few days our staff has checked if print titles placed on the course reserves are available through our vendors as e-book. If possible an order for online access has been placed. The library will keep you updated about any changes to your course reserves, or contact your subject librarian.

We are also maintaining a list of publishers that have made materials freely available for use in education.

3. Alternatives

Search our catalogue for alternative e-book titles, or see if enough titles are available on the same subject in e-book form. Notify your students if alternative titles are available.

4. Scans

In some cases it is possible to publish a scan of copyrighted books (chapters) on Blackboard or BrightSpace. A number of publishers permit articles or chapters to be included in printed or digital readers for the purposes of education. The module Usage regulations licensed e-resources indicates the publishers policy. When you use these materials, there is no need to count words or images, and articles may be reused for teaching without any problems.

When a publishers isn't indicated on the list the library, in collaboration with the UFB Readers Online Service, can make a scan of (preferably) parts of books and make them available via the Readers Online Service. You will have to take copyright in consideration when doing this. The (amended) procedure can be found on the UFB website. Deviating from normal procedure, the UFB now provides these scanning services. UBL will deliver the book in question. Students can purchase scanned items through the Readers Online web shop in digital or printed form. Any costs due to copyright will be added to the reader’s purchase price. Leiden University’s Central Crisis team has decided these costs will fall on students as they did before.

Information and questions

You can find more information about the application of copyright when teaching online on our website.

If you have any questions about course reserves, send an e-mail to uitleen@library.leidenuniv.nl. Due to reduced staff, our capability to answer questions over the telephone is limited at the moment.

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