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Researching your topic

Writing academic texts can be overwhelming at the beginning. Where do you start? That's why we made helpful tutorials in which you learn how to search for information, evaluate found sources and how you can prevent plagiarism my knowing how to cite texts.

The tutorials of the UBL

In the tutorial 'Working with the Catalogue' we will show you how you can request a book or read digital texts. If you want to learn more about the use of Special Collections, our tutorial might be a good starting point. Would you like to know more about our archives and collections, but are you unsure about how to do that? Have a look at the introduction about our Collection GuidesIn the tutorial  'Finding Information on Chocolate' we teach you how to evaluate information, how you can use wikipedia best and we will show you some handy databases. After finding all the information you need you can start writing. However, make sure to refer to the texts you use correctly to prevent plagiarism. We tell you everything about how to avoid that in the tutorial 'Preventing plagiarism'. Instead of writing down all your used sources by hand you can use a reference manger. Programmes like Endnote, Mendeley or Zotero help you not only to keep track of the sources you used but will also help you with the formatting of your footnotes and bibliography. In our reference manager tutorial you can learn more about reference managers.

Subject specific tutorials

In some cases you can find more subject specific information on specialized websites. In the Dutch and English tutorials below you can find all the tutorials the University Libraries offers. They might help you with your studies as well.

Subject specific tutorials of the UBL 



International Studies (ENG)

Cold War

International Studies (ENG)

Francis Bacon

Art & Art History (ENG)

Chinese Studies: BA3 Library Tutorial

China Studies (ENG)

Silk Roads China Studies (ENG)

Lokale democratie 

Bestuurskunde (NL)



Nieuwe politieke partijen

Politicologie (NL)

Vertraging op Schiphol

Rechten (NL)


Chinastudies (NL)

Tale of Genji

Japanstudies (NL)


Criminologie (NL)

The Handmaiden

Koreastudies (NL)

Interpreter of Maladies

Film- en literatuurwetenschap (NL)

Madame Bovary

Franse Taal en Cultuur (NL)

Basistechnieken zoeken
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Medische studies (NL)

Bijzondere Collecties Voor studenten die meer willen leren over het gebruik van onze Bijzondere Collecties (NL)


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