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Show original items from the Special Collections in courses and lectures.

Leiden University teachers may continue to use original items from the Special Collections in the lecture rooms of the University Library. It is also possible to lecture online using our overhead visualizer. Requests can be made by filling in the online form. In line with the campus protocol there are some additional conditions:

  • Students are not allowed to enter the library too early and they need to leave the premises immediately after the lecture. The teacher is responsible for this.
  • The teacher must submit an attendance list at the reception desk in advance, in order to make clear who is allowed in without a study place reservation.
  • Cleaning will take place immediately after the lecture (also in between sessions of the same lecture!), during which the rooms will be unavailable for one hour.
  • The capacity of the lecture rooms is limited in order to guarantee sufficient distance between attendees. Per table one person is allowed.
    • Capacity Vossius Room: max. 14 people (incl. teacher)
    • Capacity Heinsius Room: max. 8 people (incl. teacher)
    • Capacity Grotius Room: max. 6 people (incl. teacher)
  • During the lectures only the teacher is permitted to handle the documents

Overhead visualizer

Since the summer of 2020, Leiden University Libraries is offering an overhead visualizer for use during lectures. This device gives teachers the opportunity to (after instruction) enrich presentations with material from the special collections. These can be displayed live on screen, both in UBL and in online lectures. We are currently determining the extent to which assistance from library personnel is required. 

The overhead visualizer makes various forms of interactive teaching possible:

  • The device has a high-quality camera. This makes it possible to show details that are not or hardly visible to the naked eye. Students who are physically present therefore do not have to stand shoulder to shoulder above a print or book in order to view it properly.
  • Students can also watch live lectures virtually via Teams or Kaltura Liveroom.
  • Teachers can zoom in and out in a user-friendly way, and freeze the screen to compare prints on consecutive sheets of a book.
  • During the lecture, teachers can also take snapshots and short videos and save them to a USB stick for later use.
  • It is also possible to record videos in preparation for a lecture.
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