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About the Scaliger Institute

Who was Scaliger?

The Institute is named after the humanist Josephus Justus Scaliger (1540-1609), one of the most learned men of his day. In 1593, Scaliger accepted an offer to come and work at the newly founded Leiden University without any formal obligations to engage in university teaching, but with the promise of a substantial annual salary. By 1600, he had become the centre of the young university, attracting students and scholars from all over Europe. Among his pupils, were promising students such as Daniel Heinsius and Hugo Grotius. Scaliger left a substantial part of his library to the University Library. Until today, his donation substitutes the core of the collection of Leiden University Library.

Steering Committee

  • Prof. dr. Rick Honings, Scaliger Professor (Chairman)
  • Dr E.C.H. de Bruyn, Centre for the Arts in Society, Literatuurwetenschap
  • Prof. Dr A.F. de Jong, Leids Instituut Godsdienstwetenschappen
  • Dr M. Keblusek, Centre for the Arts in Society, KG Musea en Collecties
  • Prof. Dr F. van Lunteren, Fac. Wis- en Natuurkunde
  • Prof. Dr J.S. Pollmann, Institute for History
  • Dr A.A. Seyed Gohrab, Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • Prof. Dr I. Sluiter, Department of Greek and Latin Languages and Cultures
  • Dr G. Warnar, Centre for the Arts in Society, Oude Nederlandse L&C
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