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There are no internships available at the moment.

Former internships (selection)

Storage and description of the photographica collection
Trainee: Ole Thijs (Radboud University, Nijmegen, Art history, Philosphy)
Mentor: Maartje van den Heuvel (November 2017–February 2018)

Preparation of symposium  ‘Mapping Asia: Cartographic Encounters between East and West’ and georeferencing project ‘Maps in the Crowd’.
Trainee: mw. S.C.Y.C. Fa Si Oen (Leiden University, MA Asian Studies)
Begeleider: Martijn Storms (June–September 2017)

Arrangement and description of Frans Hüsken Archive (anthropologist on Java)
Trainee: J. Janssen (Leiden University, MA Archaeology)
Mentor: Doris Jedamski (September-December 2016).

Georeferencing of maps (Maps in the Crowd)
Trainee: J. Bos (Leiden University, BA History)
Mentor: Martijn Storms (2016)

Cataloguing of Western manuscripts and letters (a.o. De Jong van Rodenburgh)
Trainee: E.J. Dros (Leiden University, BA History)
Mentor: Mart van Duijn (2016)

Automated cataloguing using OCR
Trainee: G. Morelli (MA Book and Digital Media Studies)
Mentor: Saskia van Bergen  (2015)

“The immersive library”. An interactive installation for the LUMC Exhibition ‘Souvenir de Voyage’.
Trainees: J. Pisarczyk, J. Siebelink, A. Geurtsen, R. Alkemade (MA Media Technology)
Mentor: Saskia van Bergen and Maartje van den Heuvel  (2014)

Cataloguing of photographs from Indonesian antiquities (Kern collection)
Trainee: M. Schoettel (Leiden University, MA Asian Studies)
Mentor: Matthijs Holwerda (2014)

Cataloguing of letters from the Nico Rost archive
Trainee: E.R. Menger (Leiden University, BA English)
Mentor: Mart van Duijn (2014)

Test cataloguing of drawings in GGC; preparation of the exhibition 'Leiden viert Feest!' (Rembrandthuis)
Trainee: G.W. Richards (Leiden University, MA Art History)
Mentor: Jef Schaeps (2014)

Documenting Middle Dutch sermons in the Bibliotheca Neerlandica Manuscriptan
Trainee: B.C.P.W. Laming (Universiteit Utrecht, BA Celtic Studies)
Mentor: André Bouwman (2013)

Italianates in the Leiden Print Room collection of drawings
Trainee: D.A. Paul (Leiden University, MA Art History)
Mentor: Jef Schaeps (2013)

Cataloguing of East European maps
Trainee: D.L. Derzsenyi (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, MA Art History)
Mentor: Martijn Storms (2013)

Preparing the exhibition 'Bibliotheca Pharmacia'; pharmacopoeias in UBL’s collection
Trainee: N. Le Clercq (Leiden University, MA Art History)
Mentor: Kasper van Ommen (2012/2013)

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