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In the period of September-December 2018 we can accommodate two internships in the Special Collections Curators Department.

Internship 1: disclosure of private archives

  • UBL holds a large number of private archives, formed by a.o. Leiden professors, literary authors and institutions. Several of them have not been processed yet, and are not available for research.
  • During this internship you will, after proper instruction, analyse, arrange and describe one or more archives, in such a way that they can be consulted in our Special Collections Reading Room.
  • Working with archives can lead to interesting discoveries, which you can write about in our Leiden Special Collections Blog
  • Please respond before 1 June. Mentor: Mart van Duijn

Internship 2: cataloguing of incunables

  • UBL holds over 700 incunables, books printed before 1501. A catalogue which describes these early printed books in detail is presently in preparation, compiled by Jos van Heel (former curator of Museum Meermanno, The Hague).
  • During this internship you will learn to make basic descriptions of Leiden incunables. Consultation will be combined with documentation activities pertaining to the identification, structure and provenance of these items.
  • Working with incunables can lead to interesting discoveries, which you can write about in our Leiden Special Collections Blog
  • Please respond before 1 June. Mentor: Anton van der Lem (daily supervision by Jos van Heel). Knowledge of the Dutch language is required, knowledge of Latin is an advantage.

Former internships (selection)

Storage and description of the photographica collection
Trainee: Ole Thijs (Radboud University, Nijmegen, Art history, Philosphy)
Mentor: Maartje van den Heuvel (November 2017–February 2018)

Preparation of symposium  ‘Mapping Asia: Cartographic Encounters between East and West’ and georeferencing project ‘Maps in the Crowd’.
Trainee: mw. S.C.Y.C. Fa Si Oen (Leiden University, MA Asian Studies)
Begeleider: Martijn Storms (June–September 2017)

Arrangement and description of Frans Hüsken Archive (anthropologist on Java)
Trainee: J. Janssen (Leiden University, MA Archaeology)
Mentor: Doris Jedamski (September-December 2016).

Georeferencing of maps (Maps in the Crowd)
Trainee: J. Bos (Leiden University, BA History)
Mentor: Martijn Storms (2016)

Cataloguing of Western manuscripts and letters (a.o. De Jong van Rodenburgh)
Trainee: E.J. Dros (Leiden University, BA History)
Mentor: Mart van Duijn (2016)

Automated cataloguing using OCR
Trainee: G. Morelli (MA Book and Digital Media Studies)
Mentor: Saskia van Bergen  (2015)

“The immersive library”. An interactive installation for the LUMC Exhibition ‘Souvenir de Voyage’.
Trainees: J. Pisarczyk, J. Siebelink, A. Geurtsen, R. Alkemade (MA Media Technology)
Mentor: Saskia van Bergen and Maartje van den Heuvel  (2014)

Cataloguing of photographs from Indonesian antiquities (Kern collection)
Trainee: M. Schoettel (Leiden University, MA Asian Studies)
Mentor: Matthijs Holwerda (2014)

Cataloguing of letters from the Nico Rost archive
Trainee: E.R. Menger (Leiden University, BA English)
Mentor: Mart van Duijn (2014)

Test cataloguing of drawings in GGC; preparation of the exhibition 'Leiden viert Feest!' (Rembrandthuis)
Trainee: G.W. Richards (Leiden University, MA Art History)
Mentor: Jef Schaeps (2014)

Documenting Middle Dutch sermons in the Bibliotheca Neerlandica Manuscriptan
Trainee: B.C.P.W. Laming (Universiteit Utrecht, BA Celtic Studies)
Mentor: André Bouwman (2013)

Italianates in the Leiden Print Room collection of drawings
Trainee: D.A. Paul (Leiden University, MA Art History)
Mentor: Jef Schaeps (2013)

Cataloguing of East European maps
Trainee: D.L. Derzsenyi (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest, MA Art History)
Mentor: Martijn Storms (2013)

Preparing the exhibition 'Bibliotheca Pharmacia'; pharmacopoeias in UBL’s collection
Trainee: N. Le Clercq (Leiden University, MA Art History)
Mentor: Kasper van Ommen (2012/2013)

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