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UBL Get Access

Browsing the web for scholarly articles or e-books? Download the UBL Get Access extension bookmark to get access!

How to install UBL Get Access

Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox

Go to the catalogue and drag the button UBL Get Access  to your browser’s Favorites Bar (Bookmarks Toolbar). This will create a new bookmark named UBL Get Access.  The installation is one-time only. Please note: this tool is not compatible with mobile phones.

Safari (Apple computers)

  • Create a random bookmark in your browser’s Favorites Bar (Bookmarks Toolbar)
  • Edit the properties of this bookmark
  • Change the name of the bookmark to UBL Get Access (or any name you choose)
  • Copy the code below and paste it as the URL for the bookmark:


How does it work

UBL Get Access is a browser extension that gives simple and quick access to academic articles, journals and databases licensed by the library when searching on the web.

When finding scientific articles on a website simply click UBL Get Access bookmark and log in with your ULCN account. Next you will gain access to the article without paying. Sometimes you will first have to press on the PDF-button to proceed.

If you don't get access or a warning screen appears the Library is probably not licensed for access. Check the library catalogue for a printed version or WorldCat for availability at another university library.

Download now, it’s free!

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