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Leiden Repository

The Leiden Repository contains publications by academics of Leiden University and of affiliated institutes. Publications are open access as much as possible. The Leiden Repository is divided into different communities and collections.

Go directly to the Leiden Repository.

How to search for Leiden publications

Publications of Leiden University can easily be found by using general search engines such as GoogleGoogle Scholar or Yahoo. A search engine especially for Open Access is OAIster. This search engine performes searches in almost 700 repositories and Open Access databases at the same time.   

In some cases it is easier to use the search interface of the Leiden Repository itself, for instance when searching all publications by one specific academic or all publications from a certain year.

Tips for searching the Leiden Repository

  • search in all collections in all fields by using the search box on the start screen of the Leiden Repository
  • more options for searching are available under Advanced Search
  • multiple words are automatically combined with ‘or’. To combine words with ‘and’, use the operator ‘and’.
  • browse the indexes, for example the alphabetical index by author or the chronological index by year.

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