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Google Scholar

Google's special search engine for scientific publications

What is Google Scholar

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Google Scholar is the best known scientific search engine. In its appearance, it resembles the regular Google page. A large difference, however, is that Scholar limits its search to scientific literature. 

Google Scholar can find: scientific journal articles, books, conference proceedings, open access publications, dissertations and citations. It finds titles that cannot be found in the regular Google.

From title to fulltext

Not all articles are freely accessible, but many of these articles are indeed accessible for students and staff members from the Leiden University.

Using Scholar inside Leiden University‚Äôs network, you can click on the GetIt@Leiden link and immediately see whether a book or article is available in digital form or otherwise where you may find the paper version. Outside the Leiden University network it is also possible to make use of this link but you have to change the settings in Google Scholar.

How to do this? See the demo in Youtube.


Help pages from Google Scholar.