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Leiden Open Science Program

The transition to Open Science is a cultural change and demands a coordinated, structured, and measurable approach. To facilitate this process smoothly, the Executive Board has appointed Paul Wouters as Open Science ambassador

In cooperation with the Open Science working group, Paul Wouters set up a plan of action. This plan of action has identified different areas in which Leiden University needs to make a step forward in order to make progress:

  1. Development and use of new infrastructures for open knowledge practices (e.g. infrastructures for research data, for data catalogues, and for open publications);
  2. Development of new skills in the scientific community (in particular regarding communication and ICT);
  3. Dissemination of best practices and inspiring examples (Citizen Science included);
  4. A restructuring of means for recognition and financing in science (recognition and rewards);
  5. Leadership. We expect University management (among which the Executive Board, deans and academic directors) to:
    • Show a willingness to embrace change and to regard it as an opportunity, not as a threat;
    • Include stakeholders to promote development and support the process of Open Science,  whilst keeping into account differences in perception and motivation and
    • Inspire employees to see the benefits of this change (as an opportunity not as a threat).

Close cooperation with other projects and programs is vital to the success of Open Science.

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