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TDM explained in tutorials, blogs and publications

This page offers a selection of tutorials, the most current blogs and key publications.




Symposium 'Digital Scholarship and the Role of the Library'

By organizing a symposium 'Digital Scholarship and the Role of the Library' on 22nd September 2014, Leiden University Libraries demonstrated how the library can support digital scholarship. Moreover, this symposium aimed to connect scholars, both practicing and interested in e-research. Scholars as well as students interested in new, digital methods in research were invited to attend the symposium, which offered presentations that are still valuable today.


Digital Scholarship and Leiden University Libraries as a Partner in Knowledge 
Isabel Brouwer, MA, Leiden University Libraries

'Orders of Knowledge’ - prof. dr. Adriaan van der Weel, Book & Digital Media Studies, Leiden University / Not available

Record Linkage in Medieval and Early Modern Documents
dr. Arno Knobbe, Arno Knobbe, Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science (LIACS)

Computational criticism: Using Quantitative Methods for the Interpretation of Poetry
Peter Verhaar, MA, Book & Digital Media Studies, Leiden University

Datasets for Researchers at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
dr. Steven Claeyssens, National Library of the Netherlands (The Hague)

It's All About Location: Present-day and Future Digital Cataloguing of Maps
Martijn Storms, PhD, Leiden University Libraries

Text Analysis and Visualisation: an Overview of Tools
Peter Verhaar, MA, Leiden University Libraries

Wmatrix: a Corpus Linguistics Analysis and Comparison Tool
Morana Lukaç, MA, Leiden University Centre for Linguistics, Leiden University


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