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Register and upload your publications in LUCRIS and the Leiden Repository

LUCRIS and the Leiden Repository help to promote and store your publications.

Leiden Repository

The Leiden Repository contains publications by scholars from Leiden University and from institutes affiliated with the Leiden University. The publications have been made freely accessible (Open Access) where possible. The Leiden Repository has been subdivided in several different sectors by means of different communities and collections

Finding Open Access-publications

The Leiden Repository can be searched by using the search screen in the repository. It is possible to search by author or by topic. Another option is to use general search engines such as Google , Google Scholar or Yahoo! , these also search in our online collections.  

A search engine specifically for Open Access publications is OAIster. By using this site you can simultaneously search through almost 700 repositories and Open Access-databases. For some search queries, however, it is easier to use the facilities in the Leiden Repository, for example when you want to view all publications by one specific author or if you want to view publications dating from a specific year.

The Leiden Repository offers an option to subscribe to a collection. With this subscription you are notified by e-mail whenever new submissions to a collection are made. To subscribe to a collection you will need to register.

Tips for search queries in the Leiden Repository

  • By using the search bar on the homepage of the Repository you will search through all collections and all fields at the same time.
  • If you select Advanced Search you will find several more specific search possibilities. Here you can select in which collection in the Repository you want to search and in which fields your search term should be found.
  • If you enter more than one search term, these will automatically be combined by OR. To combine words with AND, you must indicate this explicitly.
  • You can also browse through a number of indexes. In this way you can find an alphabetical overview of all authors in the Repository or a chronological overview of publications.



The Leiden University Current Research Information System (LUCRIS) is a system for registering the university's scholarly publications. LUCRIS uses the software system Converis. LUCRIS replaced Metis from September 2013.

Registration of publications

One of the core activities of universities is research and the amount of scientific publications is one of the key markers for the university's nationwide ranking. All of Leiden University's staff publications need to be registered through LUCRIS. The list of publications is updated automatically from LUCRIS on the staff's profile page. Leiden University Libraries are managing the database system and the various faculties are in charge of content.

Use LUCRIS to submit your publication to the Leiden Repository.

Submitting a publication to the Repository

LUCRIS is the research information system of Leiden University. If a publication in LUCRIS is registered, it is easy to add a link to a PDF. Within a few days both are automatically added to the Repository.
Guide to registering publications in LUCRIS

You may add a PDF to all your publications registered in LUCRIS, so it can be published in the Repository. However, publishers often have restrictions on which publications can be made ​​public via a Repository. Some do not allow you to use the publisher's PDF, while others demand you to do so. SHERPA RoMEO provides an overview of policies concerning copyright and self-archiving by publisher and journal. 

Concerning articles please note the distinction between pre-print and post-print. The pre-print is the version of the article prior to peer review. The post-print (or Final draft) is the version after peer-review, in which revisions have been made to the article. However, in comparison to the publisher's pdf it does not yet have the required layout necessary for publication, such as arrangement of type-setting and formatting. The Repository only contains post-prints or publisher's PDF.

Criteria for pdf-files

To make sure publications in the Repository can be found the pdf-files have to meet certain standards. See the list of criteria for pdf-files (in Dutch).

If you submit a publication to the Repository, you will be asked to agree to the License to Deposit. This license regulates what the University Library can and must do with your publications in the Repository.

Need help?

For any questions concerning registration of your publications in LUCRIS, please email your faculty's contact for help.

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Edith de Roos

Faculteit of Archaeology


Maayke de Vries

Faculty Campus The Hague


Erna Stokx

Faculty of Humanities


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Faculty of Law


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Faculty of Social Sciences


Helpdesk LUCRIS

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