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Data management

In short, data management can be defined as the creation, storage, maintenance, disclosure, archiving and sustainable preservation of research data. Increasingly the so called FAIR principles are referred to as a final goal: data should be made 'Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Re-usable'.

By carefully planning how you will deal with your data even before the stage of collecting or creation, it will be easier in the end to make the data FAIR, not only for yourself, but also for others.

 Good data management is important for:

  • Making research data findable and accessible, also in the long term;
  • Guaranteeing the safety and confidentiality of data;
  • Ensuring the quality of research;
  • Data re-use specifically and progression of research in general;
  • Increasing the visibility –and impact—of research;
  • Compliance with requirements from funders, institutions and publishers.

Centre for Digital Scholarship

The Centre for Digital Scholarship (CDS) is Leiden University’s front office for questions regarding data management. The CDS works in close cooperation with LURIS, the Data Protection Officer, ISSC, and all other departments involved to enable Leiden researchers to comply with requirements from the University, funders, and publishers. The CDS takes active part in both national and international collaborative efforts, and it works together with researchers, policy makers, funders, national and international partners in order to bring about a fitting match between advice and actual research.

This website provides you with information on the basic principles of data management. It has been set up according to three phases of research: the phase of the proposal (before), the phase of collection and analysis of data (during) and the phase of finalizing a project (after). In addition, we offer information about facilities and safety of data in every phase.

Before During After
Data management plans
File naming and structure
Selection criteria
Open Data
Publication of data 

Courses and training

The CDS organizes regular introductory courses on data management and the writing of data management plans.  It cooperates with research institutes such as LACDR and Leiden Psychology in delivering tailor made courses for PhDs.

Handouts and best practices

In our training sessions we often refer to the following  handouts en best practices.

Back-up strategies File naming and folder structure
Versioning and authenticity Anonymisation
Metadata Selection of research data
Sensitive data protection FAIR data

Other useful references are:

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